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    Many of you are probably used to seeing the depressing dead battery logo on your iOS devices’ screens when you need to use them the most. Apple promises long battery life on many of their devices and machines, but they don’t always reach those specifications in real-world use. When you’re out and about and you don’t have access to a wall outlet but you know you need to charge your iOS device, it can feel restricting knowing that your battery is in the red and there’s no power source around you.

    One good way to make sure your iOS devices always have a charge is with the RAVPower 10400mAh Power Bank. This is ultimately a portable Lithium-ion battery pack that you can charge up when you’re not using it, and then bring with you on the go as a portable power source for your iOS devices. Notably, because the RAVPower Power Bank uses USB for power, it can be used with a variety of cell phones and tablets, and not just those by Apple.

    When you open the box you'll find yourself with this:

    It’s a reasonably portable device about the size of the average wallet, albeit a little thicker. On the front, there are two USB out ports, and one Mini USB in port. The two USB out ports are used to charge devices – you can charge up to two at a time. The one Mini USB in port is used to charge the RAVPower Power Bank when it loses all of its charge. The Mini USB cord is included with the device, as well as a USB adapter for the wall outlet so you can charge your RAVPower Power Bank using any wall outlet at home.

    On the top of the device, you’ll notice four LED indicators and a button. You can press the button and the LED indicators will light up. The indicators are there to tell you how much charge the RAVPower Power Bank has left. If the Power Bank has low charge, only one of the four LEDs would light up, while on the other hand, if the Power Bank was fully charged, all four of the four LEDs would light up:

    When you know your RAVPower Power Bank has a charge to spare, charging your iOS devices is as simple as just plugging them into the Power Bank with Apple’s USB sync cable:

    For those looking for a portable charging solution for their iOS devices when on the go, the RAVPower Power Bank will prove to be an affordable and reliable solution coming in at just $29.99. The device’s sleek glossy appearance is also a nice touch for those that like owning good-looking devices.

    The RAVPower Power Bank can charge an iPhone over and over again four to five times before having to be recharged, and can charge an iPad up to one time before having to be recharged again (the iPad has a much beefier battery than an iPhone does). In addition, the Power Bank is capable of more than 500 re-charge cycles during its lifetime.

    Because of the device’s small price tag, durable and solid feel, and reliability, we’re going to say this device is worth the investment for the everyday traveler. We’re giving the RAVPower Power Bank 3.5 out of 5 leaves.

    If you're interested in grabbing one of these handy portable battery packs for yourself, the RAVPower Power Bank is sold through Amazon for $29.99 via this link.
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    Already got a Power Bank! I also guess that you people are getting bored with nothing to poost! A
    2013-11-21 07:06 PM
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    ill stick with my Limeade 15600. 2.0 Amp charging, 2.1 and 1 amp output for tabs and phones. Flash light.
    2013-11-21 07:25 PM
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    You didn't even mention the mAh. That thing is remarkably ugly.
    2013-11-21 11:15 PM
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    You didn't even mention the mAh. That thing is remarkably ugly.
    "One good way to make sure your iOS devices always have a charge is with the RAVPower 10400 mAh Power Bank."
    2013-11-22 03:24 AM
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    The size for 10400mAh is 4.4” x 2.76” x 0.83”. I've got one and I'm happy with it. Think the one shown on the pic is 10000mAh, the smallest one among of all here. The 10400mAh is so far the best offer I've got, for $29.99,
    it sells 0.00288365 per mAh.
    2013-11-29 04:24 AM
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    This charger is a BEAST!!! I carry it with me in my bag all the time. I have charged my phone off of it at least 6 times without re-charging it and its still going strong. I have even charged my ipad off it before. I have been known to have it plugged into my phone and carried in my jacket pocket so that I can still keep up with emails despite the drain from data and constantly searching for wifi as I travel the city. If you live in a big city with lots of high rise buildings you know that signal is low in the buildings and on the street.
    2015-12-01 01:34 PM
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    Entenda como funciona um power bank, a bateria que recarrega celulares
    2016-04-25 04:45 PM