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    No matter what brand of laptop you might be using, chances are you could benefit from increased airflow. With more breathing room, a laptop will run cooler and experience greater airflow and performance.

    We recently showed you the CURB, a simple laptop stand that is easy to bring around with you, and has three different angles to set your laptop at. It comes with a small groove for your power adapter so you don’t have it hanging off from the side of your machine, and it comes in several different colors of its grippy rubberized finish.

    The CURB can be used on any desk surface or even on your knees to keep your laptop from burning your skin.

    The CURB would make a great stocking stuffer for friends and family this holiday season. It's relatively small and inexpensive, and almost any laptop user could benefit from the tool's uses.

    If you want to purchase one of these nice little laptop stands for yourself, they're on sale on Designed by m's Web page for $12.99. They come in colors of White, Blue, Pink, Believer Green, Dark Gray, Light Gray, Lime Green, Black, and there's even a special edition glow in the dark version.


    If you don't want to buy one, we'll be teaming up with Designed by m to give away two CURB laptop stands in the color of your choice!

    To earn entries into this giveaway, complete as much of the widget below as you can. The widget will pick the winners at random and we will notify them when the time is up:

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  2. Outrager's Avatar
    Cool concept and isn't bulky so won't get in the way.
    2013-12-10 08:51 PM
  3. BUcLAo69's Avatar
    I like it...
    2013-12-11 12:06 AM
  4. Don Ju4n's Avatar
    It's very nice. I love my MBP but the aluminum bottom can seriously give me a second degree burn on my legs if I keep it there for too long. This is very simplistic, I really like it and would love to get one.
    2013-12-11 12:22 AM
  5. Lawrence Coleman's Avatar
    CURB is a light weight, durable, ultra portable laptop stand with a firm base. Its isosceles triangular design gives users a choice of two heights and has a groove to hold the power cord when not in use. At just 3oz, CURB can go anywhere and works on most surfaces to make your laptop or key board more ergonomic.
    2015-12-01 01:30 PM