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    If you're an everyday driver that is always using your iPhone to help you navigate to where you need to go, then you're going to love this.

    I for one am always on the road. Whether I'm out taking the Jeep off-road in the legal trailing areas of Florida, or I'm just trying to navigate from one city that I'm unfamiliar with to another, I generally have Google Maps open so that I can always tell where I am.

    One thing I really couldn't stand is that I would always have my iPhone sitting in my cup holder and it would always get in the way when I would stop for fast food and needed a place to put my cup; and for that, I needed some kind of windshield mount. After a ton of looking around and sorting through what I thought to be junk, I finally found one that I was really satisfied with. It's the Windshield Suction Mount made by Rokform, the same guys that made the aluminum RokDock we showed you about two weeks ago.

    Like the RokDock, Rokform's Windshield Suction Mount is Made in the U.S.A. I have absolutely no complaints there, as I'm happy to support anything made here in the states. But perhaps the most important part of why I like this mount so much is the way that it felt when I opened the box up. It was extremely sturdy. This wasn't some cheesy plastic that you would expect from something made in China; instead, it was made from heavy duty plastic with some beefy metal components.

    Since Rokform's Windshield Suction Mount only works with Rokform's mountable cases, we picked up one of Rokform's mountable protective cases as well. They have many options, including a pricey aluminum one for $109.00, but we went with the more affordable Sport version, which is made from polycarbonate and hardened rubber for just $49.00. We like how it's a nice solid black and would protect the iPhone in a drop, so it was a win/win; there are other colors available too, but we'll get more into that later.

    This review will go over the Windshield Suction Mount and the mountable Sport case that we picked up, as they work as a set. We'll start with the case, which comes with a variety of options in the box:

    As you can see, this case has a removable back plate. You can use the regular back plate, which only has a magnet in it, or you can use the secondary back plate, which has a magnet AND the rotating lock built into it. The magnet is perfect for hanging up the iPhone on magnetic surfaces, such as your refrigerator, or your cooking fan above the stove while cooking.

    If you're going to be using the Windshield Suction Mount, then you will want to use the back plate with the rotating lock built into it. This back plate also has the magnet, so it offers the best of both worlds. It will just snap right into the back of the case when you're ready to use it.

    Also in the box is a lanyard, which can be put around your wrist to prevent damage from drops, and a sticky magnet that you can put anywhere to create a magnetic surface anywhere you normally wouldn't have a magnetic surface, such as on the dash of your car. Notably, Rokform also sells a rotating lock adapter that can be stuck anywhere too, but it's a separate purchase.

    Here is our case with the back plate installed:

    We put it in upside down because we prefer the rotating lock to be in the center of the iPhone. You can put it either way that you want to. As you can see, the magnet has a nice fuzzy padding on it to keep the iPhone from getting scuffed. Your iPhone will keep this back plate in place and keep it from ever popping out.

    Here's how the case looks with the iPhone installed:

    As you can see, the case even works great with our Otterbox Alpha Glass tempered glass privacy screen protector, which we showed you a few weeks ago. The Touch ID sensor, as well as ambient light sensor, proximity sensor, front-facing camera, and front-facing speaker grille are all open for access and are not obtruded by the case whatsoever. There is also a nice lip on all four corners of the case to keep the iPhone display from ever touching any surface that you put your iPhone face-down on.

    On the rear of the case, you can see the back plate's rotating lock, as well as the lanyard loop. The rear-facing camera, rear-facing dual-tune LED flash, and rear-facing microphone are all open and are not obtruded by the case. The Rokform branding is proudly etched into the bottom center of the case:

    On the sides of the case, you can see that the volume up, volume down, and sleep/wake buttons are all covered and protected by the case's hardened rubber, while the ringer/silent switch is open to the elements and easy to reach with a finger:

    On the bottom of the case, you can see how the ports are accessible with ease. The bottom speaker is well-heard through the nice large grille opening, the bottom microphone isn't muffled by the case, and many different third-party headphones, speakers, and Lightning connectors will work with this case with the exception of some:

    That's the meat and potatoes of the case itself, which feels durable enough to be trusted with about a one-meter drop at most. The beefy corners and sides look and feel like they would absorb enough shock to keep the device usable throughout a person's life. It's not necessarily the most ergonomically-friendly case, as I much prefer the Otterbox Commuter in terms of how it feels in my hand, but it's not terrible and I do feel like I could trust it with protection.

    Another good highlight about the case is that the buttons are extremely easy to press. Although they're covered, we are very impressed with the responsiveness of the buttons. Bravo Rokform for their amazing rocker button case design.

    Next, we move onto the Windshield Suction Mount itself, which feels like a very elegant piece of equipment. When you get this in your hand, it has some weight to it. This is because it's made out of not only heavy duty plastic, but also a good amount of metal components to help it last:

    Because I'm an off-road enthusiast, I demand a lot from my car accessories. They're going to have to deal with a lot of vibrations from the non-beaten path as my suspension gets the crud beat out of it, and this means that flimsiness isn't going to work for me.

    As soon as I got this thing adjusted, it was very solid. It wasn't going anywhere. There are two knobs on the mount which allow you to control the axis left and right, as well as the axis up and down. With that being said, you can literally have your iPhone mounted in any position that you're comfortable with when you have it on your windshield.

    On the very tip of the mount with the rotating lock where the iPhone is mounted, the swivel is made out of metal. This means that it's not going to wear out very much over time and it will keep its tight feel for a very, very long time; no cheap plastic stuff here.

    The swivel can be tightened or loosened to be positioned how you want it with the T-shaped knob, while the up and down axis of the mount can be positioned how you want it with the triangle-shaped knob.

    At the suction cup, you will see a "press" button in the center, as well as a lock. When mounting this to your windshield, you will press the button all the way in to get as much suction as you can, and then clip the lock over the button to keep it in place:

    The Windshield Suction Mount then clips to the mountable case by matching up the teeth, and then rotating clockwise:

    There is no wiggling; it's a nice snug fit, and it's ready to go onto your windshield and start holding your iPhone in front of you so you don't have to fiddle with it while driving (not that you should be anyway!).

    We took the Jeep out to a trail today to put the mount to the test, and it didn't fall down once; even after hitting every rut on the trail we could, having tires slip, having the suspension articulated, and while tapping on the display. It even held tight on the highway trip to the trail, where Google Maps helped lead the way.

    The mounting was perfect. As you can see, you can mount the iPhone in landscape mode, or portrait mode (however you prefer):

    Here's a quick look at the rear:

    And when you're parked and ready to leave your vehicle, just rotate your iPhone counter-clockwise and pull, and your mount stays on the windshield and your iPhone goes with you:

    Optionally, you can also unlock the mount lock and pull the Windshield Suction Mount off of your windshield and store it out of the sun, which we would recommend for longevity of the suction cup.

    The Rokform Windshield Suction Mount and mountable case work as a set, and as a set, they work excellent. We are very satisfied with the build quality of these products and their performance in our harsher-than-normal driving conditions.

    While the Rokform Windshield Suction Mount can't be used with your favorite iPhone cases, Rokform does offer a variety of different case options depending on your taste. Both a clear and a colored version of the case we've showed you in this review are available for $49.00 in the following colors:

    • Clear on gunmetal
    • Clear on salt
    • Black on black
    • Black on gunmetal
    • Black on red
    • White on gunmetal
    • Orange on gunmetal

    If you really want to go all out and get the best of the best, you can get the aluminum-backed version of the case for $109.00 in the following color options:

    • Raw aluminum and black
    • Gunmetal and black
    • Black on black

    You can check out Rokform's case selections on their Web site at this link. In terms of the Windshield Suction Mount, there are no color options and solid black is all they offer. You can view the Windshield Suction Mount, which is $49.00, on Rokform's Web site at this link.

    As a set, we would rate this accessory combination at an easy five out of five leaves, our highest rating. This is just an amazing windshield mounting solution that has next to no close competition. The fine-grained U.S.A. made structure and sturdiness that this combination offers far surpasses our standards.

    Remember to ALWAYS pay attention to the road and never text while driving!

    Stay tuned for more iOS device accessory reviews only on ModMyi.com!
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    wow it looks good I envy you
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    perfect but the price is too expensive.
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    I love it, it is not to thick or heavy and protects my phone. I already dropped my phone but it is now well protected and I also like the magnet part because it automatically sticks to my dash without the little round magnet that came with it! I also love the orange and grey! Thanks
    2015-11-28 05:42 PM
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