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    Since there is not an off topic forum or a site suggestion forum on these boards, I thought I would bring up some suggestions for the mobile version of this website of which i frequent often. First off, it is a bit of a pain to navigate the threads when you make a post and want to get back to the same topic. You have to click back a few timed or hit the MMi logo at the very top of the page in order to see the list of topics instead of whatever topic and thread your in having a link back that topic. Also, when you do go back you are forced to the very top of the page everytime it reloads instead of where you were when u hit the desired thread link. Also, you have to wait for the page to load before you can start scrolling down or else when it finally loads and your halfway down the page it takes you to the very top again. I know these are minor bugs but it gets a little annoying when you wanna enjoy the site via your iPhone. I have a friend that is a VBulletin expert and would fix this at no charge.
    Could you please add "Off Topic" and maybe even "Site Suggestions" somewhere in your forums? Like i said, my buddy can fix you up for free.
    Does anyone else agree with me? Please speak up if you enjoy this site and frequent it often on your iPhone like I do. Thanks for your time.
    2008-12-06 09:25 AM
  2. 461am's Avatar
    There's a chit chat section and a site suggestion section.
    2008-12-06 09:28 AM
  3. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    Moved to Site Suggestions forum.

    Those are good ideas - I'll look into them. We don't need a vBulletin expert (although thanks) - we are vBulletin experts.

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    2008-12-06 10:22 PM
  4. bruinsrme's Avatar
    here are my suggs:
    place the number of pages related to the thread up at the top of the screen.
    view first unread.

    thank you
    2008-12-06 10:28 PM
  5. JackSchitt's Avatar
    I never see a site suggestion forum on my mobile version nor do i see off topic. Yeah i figured u guys had your crap in one bag when it comes to vbulletin. Just wanted to get the word out there.
    2008-12-06 11:00 PM
  6. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    You do see the tabs at top to switch between forum sections on mobile version though, right?

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    2008-12-07 08:02 AM
  7. JackSchitt's Avatar
    You do see the tabs at top to switch between forum sections on mobile version though, right?
    yes, i do see the sections. i just never explored the whole site. now i know where the site suggestion thread is. could you make an announcement when you fix the mobile version?
    2008-12-07 04:10 PM