1. dReAdLoKdEmOn's Avatar
    Hey everyone!! I'm not a modder by any means, I just try to perfect the looks of my phone with the help of all the amazing artists on this site. I recently dl'd the MMI app and I love it!! So easy to use. I had a couple if suggestions for it tho. Can it be updated to where we can get notifications for forum posts & pm's that we receive? Kinda like our alert messages and the Facebook app? Also, maybe an option to say "thanks" like the website offers? I have noticed a lot of ppl getting mad on these forums bc they don't see the "thanks" button being hit, but also don't notice the actual posts that say thank you. I just think it would help clear up confusion and keep the developers from thinking there mods aren't appreciated. Thanks for any help or feedback I get.

    ---One more thing....when I go into my profile and click "my posts", I think it should take you to the page you posted on. Not the last page of the forum. That way it could make it easier to find a reply to a certain post you make.
    2011-04-19 12:18 AM