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    Hello. I see the new VB4 based site is coming along nicely so far. I would, though, like to know what exactly is going on with the RSS feeds. Most of the "News" RSS feeds, like the feeds for "iPhone News", "iPod News" and "iPad News" (and most of the other "News" forum feeds) are completely empty, and the old http://modmyi.com/reviews/feed/ and http://modmyi.com/guides/feed/ don't lead to RSS feeds at all anymore. I've asked about this in the "ModMyi.com is All New . . . take 3ish" thread and I've PM'ed a couple staff members but no one seems to be willing to comment on what is going on and what will be happening concerning RSS.

    I know I am not the only one who used RSS (nor was I the first to ask about it's status in that thread), I found it very convenient to see all the latest news via my e-mail client. I would still come to the site when ever I wanted to read into a thread (most RSS readers will actually show the link as VB RSS feeds provide it.)

    So please can someone from the site's staff please comment on the state and outlook of RSS here? Thank you.
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    2011-07-12 11:00 PM
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    ok, at the risk of sounding annoying, I find my self really wanting to ask why no one from the staff is able to comment on this. I feel I've been exceedingly patient. I've posted and left a message with the top level admins and left it at that for the last two or so weeks, and have not heard back nor gathered any replies here. Can someone please give some word on this? Thanks.
    2011-07-24 12:56 AM