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    I have a beef with modmyi.com. Every computer I access your website on turns to a crawl when loading your homepage. It is literally unbearable. I have to view your front page on my iPhone to make it usable. This can't be a solo issue on my part because I've tried loading your page on at least 6 computers.

    It takes 10! seconds to completely load so that i can scroll freely!

    Look at how much the single page is pulling in Chrome!?

    Front Page is Slow!-untitled.jpg
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    2011-09-28 05:38 AM
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    /Moved to Site Suggestions/Feedback section. Will get better response.
    2011-09-28 05:40 AM
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    Yea, I like the design, but I have to admit the website is knd of heavy on the loading side.
    2011-09-28 01:48 PM
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    Front Page is Slow!-untitled.jpg

    Almost 200k!
    2011-10-05 05:46 PM
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    Please tell me if I'm threadjacking, but I have noticed on my iPad that images from articles on the front page load at their full resolution. But when I click on the article title to view the whole thing, the image(s) is/are scaled down and I am offered a link to view the image in its' full resolution. I have no doubt that part of the slow down is the loading of these images. Screen shots from an iPhone4 are huge on my iPad when they are displayed in their full res on the front page. I understand that images are not very large files, these are simply my observations (please don't flame me if I am mistaken!)
    And it will be like a taco inside a taco within a Taco Bell that's inside a KFC that's within a mall that's inside your dream!
    2011-10-07 10:42 AM