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    If there is a problem ad report it to us and we'll contact our advertising partners to kill it off. Here are the ad types that we will work to get removed from the site.
    • Banner ads that have audio play without user interaction
    • Banner ads that expand across the screen without user interaction
    • Profane or sexually explicit ads
    • Banner ads that are floating around in the middle of the page
    • Banner ads with malware
    • Ads that take over the whole page without user interaction
    If you have an issue with an ad that qualifies for any of the above please take these steps to notify us.
    1. Take a screenshot of the ad and upload to whatever image hosting site you prefer
    2. Figure out where the ad links to. There are countless ways to do this, I use Safari's built in Web inspector i.e.
    3. Contact Us (yes that is a link to the contact us page). Include a link to your screenshot and where the ad links to.
    When we receive your contact we will then work on killing off the ad. If you do not provide a screenshot we will not do anything. If you are unable to provide where the ad links to then we will do our best but the odds of us being able to kill off the ad go from better than 90% to less than 50%.

    2011-10-13 04:00 AM