1. Pearlo's Avatar
    Dear Staff,

    I have tried to reply in my topic for 3 days without result since my post need to be approved, I have read in other topics that I need to be verified, how long will this usually take?

    Thanks in advance!
    2012-07-04 03:44 PM
  2. H4CK3R's Avatar
    This is caused by key words in your thread that are normally censored out. When you use these, your post is submitted into moderation and has to be approved by a moderator. I was viewing your thread earlier (I'm going to show you what I mean)

    ********** = Banned keyword. Without the zero, watch what happens: **********

    See what I mean? It's to avoid stuff that's not supposed to be on here. And you can normally just ask a moderator to approve it, the spam filter here catches stuff it shouldn't once in a while. But judging from your thread, it would have been locked anyways...
    2012-07-04 05:31 PM
  3. Pearlo's Avatar
    Thank you for replying to this thread, I would just like to state that I have not obtained pirated software from using this particular app although it is most likely possible to do so. (In reference to the thread created by me earlier). I do hope the moderators will take this in consideration before locking the thread.

    I have now made corrections to my reply in the thread I made 3 days ago in order to avoid any confusion.
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    2012-07-04 06:20 PM