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  1. schalker44's Avatar
    I do not know would have come to this idea is to make the forum as bad as it is now :-( No one sees more through everything too unclear simply bad, please make the old desing again
    2017-10-15 10:39 AM
  2. Dennis D. Bednarz's Avatar
    Moved to correct forums. Make sure to post it in a relevant place next time
    2017-10-15 05:55 PM
  3. schalker44's Avatar
    ok sorry only I have never seen such a bad forum cluttered simply badly bad the old forum is no longer the new will not think long
    2017-10-15 06:24 PM
  4. rasputin007's Avatar
    I have to agree with Schalker44. It is the new and unfamiliar forum structure that causes confusion and awakens the idea "why bother". This together with the rapidly reclining number of people that have a jailbreak gives me the "dj vu" feeling to what happened to MotoX might happen to MM.
    Nothing is impossible only miracles take a bit longer!
    2017-10-17 08:05 AM
  5. H4CK3R's Avatar
    Well, looks like the site has been successfully killed in the month that I haven't logged into this place? I'm literally the only registered user online right now. Wow.
    2017-10-23 01:49 AM