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    Hello everyone.. First time poster hoping someone with theme knowledge can guide me. I really appreciated.

    I have a redline theme that's on my iphone 4 ios 5 and everything was working, including the dialer. So my phone broken and now I used my wife jailbroken spare iphone 6 with ios8. I read online that the icon names needs to be resized and change. I did all that, but only some of the stock icons are change and most do not change at all. The dialer doesn't change as well. The first time I used "shattered husky" to convert the theme, all stock icon works.. and for some reason, I stop using the theme.. deleted it from the iphone and now installed it back again. The theme no longer change all the stock icon.

    If someone call tell me how/what to change to make the theme work, I really appreciated. on the iphone 4, all app icons whether stock or store app, the theme will automatically "frame" it, changing the icon into round icons. but under ios8, only some of the apple stock icon are change.

    I've tried to find an ios 8 theme and see what is the difference and see if i can manage to learn it myself, but i can't seem to find any ios 8 and the dialer (telephone UI).

    Iif this is the wrong forum for theme.. I am sorry.. I just can't find any disscussion forum about winterboard themes anymore. It's not as popular as back in the days with iphone 4 and iphone 5. One of the reason I kept the iphone 6 at ios 8 was because it was jailbroken so I can theme it.
    Here you can see what i meant, screen shot of the iphone 6 (first 3 pic) and.the iphone 4 (last 3 pics)
    thank you. Any assistant is greatly appreciated.

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    2017-10-22 10:10 PM