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    Phones SOLD!!

    iPhone 6 bought new from Apple November 2014
    16GB - Space Grey - ATT
    Phone is in perfect condition, only used five or six times.
    Has Zagg invisible shield installed from day one. Original plastic film still on back
    comes with original box/packaging/cable/earbuds/etc

    $600.00 US +shipping non-negotiable, this is the amount still owed on phone

    iPhone 5 16GB Black - ATT locked (can get unlock code if needed)
    again phone is in perfect condition. NO peeling paint on chamfered edges (which is common)
    original box/charger/etc

    asking $250.00 US +shipping

    Both phones will be factory reset with latest iOS
    can provide more pics/info upon request

    please email me [email protected] as I don't get on here often anymore

    sorry pics are upside down LOL
    FS iPhone6 &iPhone5 (16GB)-img_0104.jpgFS iPhone6 &iPhone5 (16GB)-img_0105.jpg
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    Phones Sold
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