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    i used to have a cingular razr, in my contract i only have unlimited text, and no data plan. i recently bought an iPhone from a friend and he mentioned i had to upgrade my data plan. so i went to the cingular store and the told me i "HAVE" to sign another 2 year contract because i need the iPhone plan. i dont really want to do this because my contract ends in 2 months and i want to go to tmobile after the contract ends. so ive unlocked it and jail broke it since then, i also deactivated the edge network from it. will this be sufficient so they wont charge me excesive amounts of money on my bill? (all i do with the phone is talk and text)

    Anyone ??
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    2008-04-08 08:01 AM
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    yes, especially if you have edge turned off, you should be fine. however, i've heard netservices or services not really turning edge off even though it's showing "off", so if you're using one of the two apps, you may want to consider using bossprefs. that one has never failed me
    2008-04-09 07:18 PM
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    well i used this tutorial in some thread, i connected my phone with winscp went to some file and modified it. it doesn't show any usage at all, and when im not in wifi, and try to go on youtube or any other service, it says im not subcribed to edge network. hopefully i've covered my all bases. thanks for the response
    2008-04-10 12:29 AM