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    I'm sorry if this has been answered before, but i am now in desperation mode. Okay so i have an unlocked iphone and i downloaded boss prefs and turned off edge and have only been using wifi. So i get my bill and its 250$ for the wifi usage. WTF, the wifi has nothing to do with cingular, but they told me since my sim card is in it registers everything and charges. How can this be when if i pull my sim out i can still access the internet, so obviously i am not using their internet. How do i fix this i don't want to pay 20$ a month for the plan, which is why i bought an unlocked iphone.
    2008-05-02 10:30 PM
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    i believe its the point of still using the wi-fi i think.. i had same problem long time ago.

    pretty lame but cant be cheap these days...
    2008-05-02 11:19 PM
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    huh? what are u talkin about here? unless u're not connected via edge or pay for a wifi connection then u're not being charged! so either ur edge is still on or u're paying someone, somewhere to connect to his wifi
    Thanks is an acknowledgment
    2008-05-03 12:10 AM
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    Yeah they don't charge for wifi. It's gotta be something wrong with your EDGE settings.
    2008-05-03 12:54 AM
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    Dude, $20 a month aint bad. Ease and peace of mind.
    2008-05-03 01:05 AM
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    play dumb and act as if you had thought you had the iPhone plan. then try and get them to switch you to the data plan. its worth it because this will most likely happen to u again
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    2008-05-03 04:57 AM
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    My edge is turned off, i used boss prefs to turn off my edge, and i still got billed for wifi. I have been primarily using the wifi at my university and at home and they said as long as their sim card is in the phone i get billed for every kb whether or not it is from wifi. I even told them the wifi i used is mine and has nothing to do with them, but they said you still get billed b/c there is no way to distinguish b/w which kb used is theirs or from a wifi source. WTF!! their charging me for something thats not theirs.
    2008-05-03 05:10 PM
  8. Loyalty's Avatar
    I would imagine that there would have to be a way to distinguish which is which because they have to know when you're using EDGE just as they know when you're using cell phone minutes (they both use AT&T's coverage).
    2008-05-03 09:53 PM
  9. ronzo's Avatar
    your Edge connection takes over when there is no wifi signal or it's too weak. If your edge is turned off, a window pops up that says something like "can't connect to edge network" when there is no wifi signal to be found. Turn off your wifi and open safari and see if you can open some web pages. If you can, then your edge is still functioning.
    2008-05-03 10:24 PM
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    when i had this problem i was reading the posts one day where someone suggested to go to the edge settings and type in disabled in the settings this worked great for me no problems since thanks
    2008-05-03 11:21 PM
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    I know that edge takes over when there is no wifi, but since i have edge turned off it says safari can't open the page b/c it can't find the server, so obviously edge is off and i am only using wifi. My question is are any of you guys not paying the extra 15$ a month for the media package and still using wifi and NOT being billed for it? b/c i called and the guys said he would cut the bill to a quarter of the original price if i signed up for teh 15$ a month package. But im still furious that i was only using wifi and i got billed.
    2008-05-04 05:08 AM
  12. alex2k10's Avatar
    i used to work for at&t and they dont charge for your wifi only if your using at&t wifi. it sounds like your edge is still running.
    2008-05-04 08:07 AM
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    But if i was using my edge i should be able to get internet everywhere, which i don't i only get it once i connect to an available wifi spot, and i have boss prefs installed and have edge turned off. Is there any other way that is more effective in turning off edge, b/c with 1.1.4 there is no "edge" settings under the settings --> network tab.
    2008-05-04 06:07 PM
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    now here what you need to do about the bill.... call cust service and do as the Rep told you get that $15 medianet package and get the half of the usages waved.... call after couple of days, or go online cancel the medianet packages........ and than ask them to place a medianet blocking feature in your line... in future if you ever have usages due to that you can always dispute the charges claiming you had the block placed... but in any case that time will never come... your bill will be normal if you didn't go over other things in your account...... and be nice to the person who waves your charges haha.... it always helps...

    And about the Wifi per KB charges, this is kind of tricky. What happens is in iphone and most of the mobile device the data charges are calculated by number of data transferred per sec... we think since we are using wifi there should not be any charge, but in reality data travels in two channels one to go in and other to come out. so when you use wifi or edge they are both using the same channel so no matter what.. the KB tracker will sum the data you are receiving from wifi as well... I know this is not perfect but this is what we got...
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    2008-05-06 01:58 AM
  15. King Wolf's Avatar
    So if i don't have a medianet plan. I will be getting charged for useing WiFi? Just started doing this yesterday so i want to know if i should stop useing WiFi if i am going to get charged. Thanks
    2008-05-07 01:53 AM
  16. tihor1's Avatar
    Keep using your wifi but have att block your Media Net feature in your number, but also remember that att cannot block medianet if you have texting bundle... turning medinet feature off/blocked disables the KB tracker in the billing system. so using of wifi will not contribute to your usages... in any case you cannot be too careful... just to be in the safe side keep an eye on your usages online.....and make sure mediablock are in place..
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    2008-05-07 02:27 AM
  17. ronzo's Avatar
    With this tutorial your edge will be off for sure.
    2. ssh into your iphone
    3. cd /var/root/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration
    3.5. copy (or duplicate) preferences.plist to preferences.plist.orig (to make a backup)
    4. download preferences.plist to your desktop and open in plain text editer
    5. search for "cingular"
    6. This should bring you to a code chunk that has the following
    <string>[email protected]</string>
    7. replace wap.cingular with 'nowhere' (no quotes, and you can basically type anything in there)
    8. Save and upload to the phone
    9. reboot phone and now it should tell you it can't find EDGE network -
    10. when you want to get back onto EDGE, simply SSH into phone, goto the respective directory, rename preferences.plist to preferences.plist.off and then rename the .orig file back to the original name (by removing the .orig) and the reboot and you will be able to reconnect...
    2008-05-07 04:54 AM
  18. Apple iPie's Avatar
    How can we suppose to help you,if its YOURS bill? Just tell,and I will try...
    2008-05-07 04:36 PM
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    Thanks guys for all your replies, umm well i got the usages reduced to a 1/4 of what it was, and i'm it seems for future reference, boss prefs does not completely turn off edge, Instead you have to go into the SSH and change it as mentioned above, or i changed my carrier.plist file and the edge settings showed up in my iphone (they weren't there once i upgraded to 1.1.4), anyways i altered the address in there and it can no longer connect to edge as it was doing before. Thanks for the help guys
    2008-05-08 12:26 AM
  20. foureight84's Avatar
    man that sucks. glad you kinda got it resolved with them.
    2008-05-08 12:54 AM