1. dustytops's Avatar
    Hey everyone,

    I'm a noob with all this iphone and at&t stuff. I have an iphone (2G) already, just bought it, didn't activate it yet. I just heard that discounts will be given on voice/data for the 3g for IRU service discounts and that the 2g and 3g will have CRU service discounts on voice and data. I work for Lockheed Martin and we have a discount plan, but I don't know which it is or if it is even IRU or CRU at all, I don't know what IRU and CRU mean.

    My dilemma is this. Do I wait and get a 3g iphone and hope I get my corporate discount on the 3g or do I keep the 2g and pay full price or do I keep the 2g and then wait until 3g comes out so I get a discount on my 2g plan?

    I read in this memo about the discounts IPhone 3G: AT&T Memo to Retail Managers Shows iPhone 3G Policy

    So if there is anyone out there that knows exactly about these discounts, please let me know. I have 6 days left to return the 2g iphone.

    Any help would be appreciated!!!

    2008-06-11 03:47 AM
  2. cpjr's Avatar
    Ask AT&T tommorrow, the 3g comes out tommorrow and you can exchange the one you bought if thats the case, just in time.
    2008-06-11 04:11 AM
  3. dustytops's Avatar
    I thought it didn't come out until 7/11 not 6/11
    2008-06-11 04:14 AM
  4. cpjr's Avatar
    Sorry Im tired. Meant to say if you bought your iphone after May 27, Apple is offering a FREE upgrade to a new 3g iphone.

    So, ask AT&T tommorrow, either way you can still exchange your phone for a 3g if you can use it.
    2008-06-11 04:18 AM