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    I was waiting for some absolution on this, and i got it today via email from AT&T.

    This came from AT&T Customer Care for Wireless, the email addresss was [email protected]

    Dear Mr. Crane,

    Thank you for contacting AT&T regarding whether or not you may upgrade
    to the new 3G iPhone since you purchased your iPhone after May 27, 2008.
    I apologize for any confusion this may have caused and I am happy to
    assist you today.

    I understand your concerns regarding the release of the 3G iPhone. I can
    appreciate you wanting to get the best value on your new phone and I
    apologize for any frustration that the new equipment or promotion may
    have caused. If you purchased your 2G iPhone more than 14 days ago, the
    device cannot be returned or exchanged because it is not within the
    return policy. However, all of our current postpaid 2G iPhone customers
    that are in good standing will qualify to upgrade to a 3G iPhone when it
    is available. If you purchased your 2G iPhone at a company owned AT&T
    retail store on or after 5/27 (within the 14 day return period for the
    2G iPhone and before the product announcement on 6/9), you can exchange
    your 2G iPhone for a 3G iPhone before August 1st. This means that you
    can return your 2G iPhone and pay the 10% restocking fee to purchase a
    new 3G iPhone before August 1st. This option only applies to customers
    who purchase the iPhone from a company owned AT&T retail store.

    Our records indicate you recently activated service. Please allow me to
    provide an overview of your rate plan and features to make sure
    everything is correct. Your service agreement with AT&T is a 2 year
    agreement effective from 5/30/2008 through 5/30/2010.

    Your rate plan is the Nation 450 anytime minute plan with Rollover,
    Unlimited Mobile to Mobile, and 5,000 Night and Weekend minutes. The
    monthly charge for your plan is $39.99. If you exceed your package
    minutes, additional minutes are billed at $0.45 per minute. Your plan
    allows you to travel to anywhere in the United States (all 50 states),
    Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands with no roaming charges for calls
    placed in these areas. You can also make calls from the United States
    (all 50 states), Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands to the United
    States (all 50 states), Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam and the
    Northern Mariana Islands with no long distance charges. Night and
    Weekend minutes and Mobile to Mobile minutes apply to calls that
    originate while in the nation plan coverage area. All calls are rated
    based on the time zone of the call's point of origin. Your Nights and
    Weekends are in effect daily Monday through Thursday from 9pm through
    5:59am. The Weekends begin at 9pm Friday and end at 5:59am Monday.

    Features included in your rate plan at no additional cost are Caller ID,
    Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, and Three-Way Calling. If you have not
    set up your Voice Mail feature already, simply hold down the 1 key on
    your wireless phone and follow the prompts.

    You also have the $30.00 per month iPhone Data plan that includes 1500
    Text Messages ($.03 per additional Message), Unlimited Data (email/web),
    and Visual Voicemail.

    We do offer additional features and services such as Roadside Assistance
    that can be added to your account for an additional monthly charge.
    Please visit Text, picture messaging and other services - | Wireless from AT&T, formerly Cingular for more
    information regarding all features and services currently offered. You
    can add features and services through the myWireless at
    Cell Phones and Cell Phone Plans from AT&T, formerly Cingular Wireless or by contacting Customer Service at

    Each month your bill cycle ends on the 18th of the month, and you are
    billed for service in advance. You may incur prorated charges if you
    activate or make changes to your service mid-cycle.

    If you are an AT&T wireline customer, you can receive one bill for your
    wireless and landline services. To qualify you will need to meet certain
    requirements, which may vary by your location. Once Combined Billing is
    established, all of your wireless charges will appear on your landline
    bill. Please contact Customer Care at 1-800-331-0500 for more
    information on how to qualify and enroll your account in Combined

    Not certain how to get the most out of your new phone? You can learn how
    to use and set up your wireless device with our Phone & Device Support
    at Phone and Device Support | Learn how to setup and use your cell phone | AT&T, formerly Cingular.
    Please visit our Phone & Device Support to learn more about your phone

    Mr. Crane, we appreciate your business and value you as a customer.We
    encourage you to visit our web site often to view current and previous
    monthly statements, make payments and to shop for new product and
    service offerings. Thank you for choosing AT&T!


    Linda Long
    Online Customer Care Professional

    Did you know? You can check your minute's usage, pay your AT&T bill and
    add cool features to your service using Star Services free of charge,
    all from your wireless handset!

    * Dial: *MIN# (*646#) and press the send/call button for minutes usage.
    * Dial: *DATA# (*3282#) and press the send/call button for data usage.
    * Dial: *BAL# (*225#) and press the send/call button for invoice balance
    and last payment received.
    * Dial: *PAY (*729) and press the send/call button to pay your bill.

    Please visit www.wireless.att.com/starservices to see limitations
    applicable to Star Services. There may be delays processing network call
    records. "Minutes Used" may not include airtime used within the last two
    to five days and does not include recent roaming minutes due to delayed

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    about your e-mail Customer Service experience. Click on:
    AT&T Survey

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    of the authorized AT&T subscriber only. Content may not be shared or
    relied upon by third parties. AT&T, at its sole discretion, reserves
    the right to amend, modify or replace the written content of this
    message to correct or update answers provided to Subscriber. No term of
    Subscriber's Customer Service Agreement is altered, waived, or modified
    by this message unless expressly agreed by an authorized AT&T

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    logo and all other AT&T marks contained herein are trademarks of AT&T
    Intellectual Property and/or AT&T affiliated companies. All other marks
    contained herein are the property of their respective owners.
    ...cant verify it any clearer than that!
    "Choosing the lesser of two evils...is still choosing evil." - Jerry Garcia
    2008-06-12 05:55 PM
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    2008-06-12 11:59 PM
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    ok you would think setting up an AT&T email account on an AT&T iPhone would be flawless and easy so why am I getting this error
    I'm trying to setup my new AT&T email account and I keep getting error "The connection to the server "pop.att.yahoo.com" failed and I'm using apple instructions here
    Apple - Support - iPhone - Mail Helper
    anyone got any ideas plz?
    2008-08-03 04:43 PM
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    You also have the $30.00 per month iPhone Data plan that includes 1500
    Text Messages ($.03 per additional Message), Unlimited Data (email/web),
    and Visual Voicemail.

    whats wrong with this? i believe that the iphone data plan by itself is 30 dollars. plus 15 for 1500 texts, what exactly is going on. care to elaborate just a bit on this?
    2008-08-07 10:39 AM