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  1. dr.stevil's Avatar
    Since I got my iphone (right after the price drop, last year) and until about a week ago I was able to stream XM via For the past week I noticed a dramatic difference in it's ability to stream audio. Not just from orb either. I used to be able to stream Mp3's online through it as well along with youtube via EDGE, but now it takes more time to buffer it than it does to play it, so it's pretty much impossible to do anymore.

    Does anyone here work for AT&T or has anyone else noticed it? I'm running 1.1.4 btw
    2008-06-26 06:32 PM
  2. Monkey Johannon's Avatar
    I have noticed the same behavior, i use fox news' application often, and at work, i would get fairly effortless connection, as of the last week i have had shotty reliability, getting good connections and really bad connections...something i have never noticed before.
    "Choosing the lesser of two still choosing evil." - Jerry Garcia
    2008-06-29 05:01 PM
  3. imnew2hu's Avatar
    well here is the up and the down side of ATT 850-1900 to make more bandwidth ready for umts or 3G diffrent areas of the country have had there 850 turned down and more data being handled by the 1900 side of the network. With that said the 1900 side acording to once source that works for att as a tower teck. says the 1900 side of the network is just a speed dawg so yes depending on where you live and here in TN thats me slow dows will happen. sry guys
    2008-06-30 08:33 PM
  4. bigdiesel601's Avatar
    That sucks!!!
    2008-07-01 05:55 PM
  5. elle49's Avatar
    my edge isn't working at all!!! I can't connect to the internet, or get the weather or any other app that uses edge. it says "edge network unavailable" anyone else having this problem??

    nevermind. just reset network settings worked.
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    2008-07-06 05:54 PM