1. bonefish's Avatar
    need some help on this issue before i explode, just been on the phone with AT&T for hours. Please help if you know!!

    Here is what i want to do
    i have an activated and unlocked iphone 1.1.2, i am using a AT&T sim card that i have had a plan on for years. This works perfectly with the iphone. I want to keep my plan and just add the data plan.

    AT&T told me that i cannot just add a data plan to my existing non-iphone plan since the iphone would not recognize the network. However, the same person said that the iphone only works with AT&T, so i dont trust his argument. i have used my iphone with T-Mobile, and carriers all over the world without issues. My T-Mobile needed new internet settings since the ihpone is factory set to use AT&T data network. But with the correct settings, T-Mobiles data plan works perfectly, why shouldnt AT&T data plan work as long as i set it up right????

    AT&T representatives that i spoke to wouldnt even consider the possibility that the ihpone can be used with anything otehr than AT&T and refused to sell me the data addon plan.

    will it work? what do i do (settings) please help, or else im going to loose it soon
    2007-12-12 03:57 AM
  2. Tombull's Avatar
    yo..i have any employee plan from att and i was not able to add data to the plan..they gave me the same arguement...but after the 10 or 15th call...i just asked to add unlimited data and they did without a problem...dont mention the iphone....just add it as a feature...and if they refuse call back and try to talk to different operators...its a shot...but thats how it worked for me...Tom
    2007-12-12 06:54 PM
  3. bonefish's Avatar
    so it will work right with the iphone, do i need to do any settings?
    2007-12-13 04:46 AM
  4. bonefish's Avatar
    do i need to edit any files on the ihphone itself, or will it just work as soon as the data plan is activated?

    thanks for help
    2007-12-14 06:36 PM
  5. cfnielson530's Avatar
    Because AT&T and Apple have a contract, if you buy an unlocked phone they will not work with you. Probably has to do with some stipulations in their contract with Apple. I agree, just call them and don't mention the iPhone. The operator was probably just trying to tell you that the iPhone is not supposed to work with any other service. In fact, I know that they're suing the person who figured out how to unlock the iPhone because of the contract between AT&T and Apple.
    2007-12-15 08:24 AM