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    The AT&T pricing schemes seem to indicate that if you will use the Exchange ActiveSync components, you will need a $45/month business plan instead of the $30/month personal plan. ActiveSync is part of Firmware 2.0 and since there are no other differences other than the ActiveSync or new "Enterprise" features, this would appear as AT&T pulling more money from us.

    They even state that the current iPhone model users will need to contact AT&T if they want to use the ActiveSync, no doubt you will see another charge on your $20 plan as well if you upgrade firmware and want to use a built component.

    This is crazy, I am guessing it is a small portion of us iPhone owners with Exchange servers that are not already on a AT&T business plan, but simply licensing the service @ $15/month is WRONG.

    Please let me know if any of you have any additional information?
    2008-07-02 06:09 PM
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    2008-07-11 01:46 AM