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    ^Thats not the problem.

    If they don't offer an early upgrade option like last year, nobody will be buying the new phone
    I'll only buy the new one if the new one does something amazing that the 3G won't do. The average iPhone user is probably the same way.

    Bigger screens, more megapixels, camera flashes, larger hard drives, and faster processors are nice, but they won't make me dump my 3G for it.

    Hell, the only reason I made the move to the 3G in the first place was because of the MMS bomb at the end of the 3.0 preview. My 2G was on eBay 20 minutes after that thing ended.
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    2009-04-16 03:16 AM
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    I think they will let most current iphone customers upgrade to the new phone because iPhone plans are a cash cow for at&t Data and messaging for most is $50 dollars and that doesnt even count any minutes, so I would guess that most iphone bills are at least $90+ They want to keep the loyal and paying iphone customers. IMHO
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    2009-04-16 04:08 AM
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    I cracked my trusty 2G screen, it slipped right out of a modded 3G case onto the concrete sidewalk and now it's all cracked. Still works, just looks nasty. and you know "it's not how you feel, it's how you look" Billy Crystal still "cracks me up"
    Anyway so June is almost here and rumors are floatin about faster 4G maybe 5G just by ATT throwing a switch.
    You think they will let the 3G guys get a hold of that upgrade w/out buying a new phone?

    Me thinks not. Kinda takes away the incentive to spend money.

    So if I answered my own question when do you think they will let us do advanced upgrades instore??
    2009-04-23 06:15 PM
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    This shouldn't be a sticky no more...
    2009-09-03 04:38 PM
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    You heard wrong. These prices are confirmed. i am 100% certain
    No he did not hear wrong. Ive had my iphone alittle over a year, my wife has had hers 6 months and my other line has it for 4 months. Checked online and called AT&T cand my line is ready NOW for a full upgrade with 400 discount and the other two lines are ready NOW for a partial iphone upgrade with a 200 discount. We even talked about everyone being upset because they were not able to upgrade to the 3g S and he confirmed they were upgrading certain contracts early.
    2010-05-19 06:42 PM
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    2012-06-13 09:22 PM
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