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    I am thinking about switching to ATT from TMobile to get the iPhone 3G. I was wondering if I can signup with a regular FamilyPlan and then just add the iPhone to it? How much is it to add the iPhone if I can? How much is the Data and Texting? I saw on ATTs site that the iPhone Family Plan was $149 with 2 lines and texting cost $10 more with unlimited. Can I signup with a regular Family Plan and add it?

    Currently paying $159 for 4 lines because of the SK data plan.

    Or is it better to just unlock the phone and use the TMobile Data thing on a 1st gen?
    2008-07-16 04:04 AM
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    The only difference when using an Iphone is the "Data" plan is specific ie, "Iphone Data plan" for $30 additional to your plan. You can choose a family plan (its what I have)....or any other plan.
    2008-07-16 04:27 AM
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    Do you know how much it is to add a iPhone to a Family Plan?

    So you're saying I do not have to get that iPhone Family Plan? The one I'm looking at is $89.99 for 1400 minutes.
    2008-07-16 04:41 AM
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    Well, unless they have changed something....I use the regular family plan (2100 anytime) and have 2 lines, one is my iphone. The ONLY iphone specific charge is for the "iphone data plan".

    And actually, the plans you posted there are INCLUDING the data plan for the iphone.....SO, they are actually the same family plan, just already has the data service added in.
    2008-07-16 04:44 AM
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    So the extra $60 is for Data and the added line?

    How much is the data and how much is the added line to become $149? Basically what is everything and how much are they that comes to that +$60??

    I am wanting to to have 4 phones on one plan and only one iPhone. Do I have to have the iPhone as the main account to get the cheap price on them? Or can I just do it as a addon and pay $199 or $299 since its a new plan?
    2008-07-16 05:10 AM
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    you can get the 200 and 300 dollar price for a new add on as well and the iphone does not have to be the main phone on your plan. the data for the 3G iphone is 30 bucks no matter what and its 9.99 for each added line after 2 lines plus whatever you have on the line such as medianet unlimited and what not. itll be another 30 for family talk unlimited messaging on top of your voice plan.

    itll be your voice plan + whatever extras you get on the lines + 9.99 for each line you have after two + texting plan 30 for unlimited + taxes + 30 for the iphone

    hope its not a mess with what i wrote
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    2008-07-16 06:41 AM
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    no thanks for the explanation.

    hmmm looks like i'm staying with T-Mobile. I would be paying more than what I currently have.
    2008-07-16 07:36 AM
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    I have the regular family plan been on it since before the first iphone came out paying 90 bucks for the 1400 minutes. I have two iphones (1st gen) so we pay an extra $40 a month, plus the unlimited family text messaging an extra $30 a month (kids!) when I upgrade to the 3G phone I will be paying 10 extra dollars. so if you are only putting one iphone on then which ever voice plan eg the 1400 min for $90 then add $20 hope that helps.

    I looked at T-mobile a while back they are cheaper but for me I travel all over the country so AT&T was a better choice it truly does have better coverage then tmobile and verizon so it works out great for me.
    2008-07-16 03:04 PM
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    hmm so it's $40 bucks to add a iPhone to a non iPhone plan?

    I looked over and it's $89 for plan, $30 for data right?, 3 lines for $29.97 but since it's $40 for iPhone then it comes to $59. All in all it's $178. Imma check with my family if they wanna pay a little extra for at&t.

    Also I could just get the individual plan and add lines right?


    Okay the reg family plan is $89.99 for two lines from what the site says. I can add lines for $9.99 right? I have 3 unlocked Motorola phones (2Krazrs and 1 Razr), does ATT charge activation for each phone? Or is it one activation fee for the whole plan? Is there a way to not pay for activation? Do I have to choose the iPhone Family plan?? I hope not as I am only having one iPhone. So if this goes the way I want it to, then it will come out to $139.97, which is cheaper than what I am paying with T-Mobile. $89.99 (2 Lines?) + $19.98 Extra Lines + $30 = $139.97 if I didn't miss anything.

    Also I should make the iPhone the main phone to avoid paying $39 for an add on right?

    I pay $14.13 for Taxes and Surcharges in California, are all taxes the same for all carriers or no?


    It says there that for new a new account and a new number there is a activation fee but if it is an existing number, there is no activation fee. Is that corect??? If it is then I can switch faster if there is no fees.

    need to know before this Sunday.
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    2008-07-17 06:36 PM