1. z3r01's Avatar
    i juss bought a new go phone 3G sim, go the unlimited media net and unlimited nights and weekends,...does visual voicemail work? i get 3G speeds and all ut havnt tested visual voicemail...
    2008-08-05 10:27 PM
  2. jayteez's Avatar
    and the point of this thread is????
    2008-08-06 04:36 AM
  3. Poseidon79's Avatar
    I'm confused.
    2008-08-06 04:42 AM
  4. rotaryheadrx7's Avatar
    Ok, I think I get it. You got a "go phone 3G sim card" and placed it into an iPhone and want visual voice mail?

    If this is the case: no it won't work. They (meaning AT&T) have to activate it to your account and that requires an iPhone plan for them to do it.
    2008-08-06 04:47 AM
  5. z3r01's Avatar
    thanx rotaryheadrx7
    2008-08-06 05:16 AM