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    I am currently on T-Mobile and have an unlocked 1st gen iphone, but was looking into going over to ATT with 3G. My problem is the monthly fee, seeing as how there is no 3G in my area (I am moving to Iowa for veterinary school and they have no 3G towers in the state, and it doesn't look like they plan on putting any in anytime soon). I have heard of some people (through a friend) getting a 10-15 dolar monthly discount since they were unable to take advantage of the 3G service. Was just wondering if anyone else has had success with this, as I would hate to be paying the higher fees when all I can use is edge. Now, I know that they increased the price monthly mostly because they want to recoup the cost of the new discount (200 bucks for the phone rather than 400), but like I said, I have heard of success stories. Not really willing to pay 70 bucks a month for what I would be getting, so i am hoping some people out there have had success!

    wow, must have left people speechless... 150 views and not one response :P
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    2008-08-07 02:11 AM
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    did you ask at&t? I avoided getting a 3g just because I am on a NO-3G BLOCK (side of hill).

    Keep us updated with your quest.
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    2008-08-07 02:18 AM
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    1st gen iPhones (without 3G) are still eligible for the cheaper plan, just mention that when you sign up. I got a 1st gen a month ago and when I called to get the iPhone plan added to my account, I told them that it was a 1st gen and they offered me the cheaper plan ($20 a month I think it was).
    2008-08-07 03:59 AM
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    I don't think they would offer a discount because people travel with there phones and may use 3g away from home.
    2008-08-07 07:04 AM
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    I have a prepaid 1st Gen iPhone sim and I get 3G on my 3G iPhone (using that sim), with no fee hike and I can't be charged more for data unless they tell me in advance.
    450 min + 3G + 200 txts = $84
    2008-08-07 07:59 AM
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    There is no 3G service in my city. The closest 3G area is about 50-60 miles away. AT&T has repeatedly told me that there is no way to give a 3G iPhone user an EDGE plan. It's total BS, but they won't do it. I you have any success, please report back, so that I may attempt it again as well.

    I can't believe on a device like this, they don't offer an EDGE plan for the majority of America that is not covered by 3G. Retards...
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    2008-08-07 11:59 AM
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    That data plan is the only thing holding me back from switching to ATT and getting an iPhone.... I'd rather pay $100-$200 more upfront and have a cheaper monthly bill...
    2008-08-08 07:08 AM
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    You could always go to the AT&T store and sign-up and get their free, or next to nothing cheap-o phone....

    Now you're locked into a 2 year agreement.

    Then, a couple days later, go in and say you want to upgrade that phone to the new 3G iPhone. Let them set you all up. You're 2 year agreement starts over on this day.

    Now, go home, wait a few hours, and call AT&T and tell them you're just not ready to switch over to the 3G iPhone. I'm sure you can think of an excuse. Tell them it was a gift for your son, but his birthday is still a month away, and you want him to be able to still continue using his cheap-o phone he just got. Or just say you're scared of the new technology, and you want to switch back to your cheap-o phone for now. Or you could even say you lost the iPhone or dropped it in the lake. Either way, get them to switch service back to the cheap-o phone you originally got. They will have you take the SIM out of your new iPhone, and place it in the other phone. They will then remove the data plan.

    Finally, after you verify cheap-o phone is working, hangup with AT&T. First, go online, and purchase MediaNet Unlimited or MediaMax Unlimited... something like that. I think it's $15 per month. That's your unlimited internet package. Now, you can also purchase a text messaging package if you'd like. Once these features have been added to your line, pull SIM card from cheap-o phone and put in your 3G iPhone.

    Have fun! Now you're paying your $xx fee for minutes, plus $15 for unlimited 3G or EDGE internet, plus $xx for an optional text messaging package...

    Note: I have never tried this myself, and I do not advise anyone else to do it either, since this could result in hefty fees if somehow they catch on, or even court and up to a $100,000 fine and 10 years in jail. Just kidding about that part, but seriously folks: Don't try this at home. Do it from the library or your neighbor's WIFI, so that if it comes back to haunt you, at least you can always say, "It wasn't me!" rotfl

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    2008-08-13 04:59 PM
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    If you try to do that though don't they ask for the phone back unless its 30+ days, and then you're stuck with it?
    2008-08-18 12:09 PM