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    I currently have a grandfathered voice plan (North America 800) with a blackberry data plan. I have access to an activated Iphone 3g. If I can get a 3g sim card from att (tell them I bought a 3g phone in Europe) would it be possible to use that 3g sim card in an activated Iphone 3g? I understand that ATT scans to see if the data plans are correct. Following, if ATT saw i was using a Iphone 3g on an old voice plan and incorrect data plan, would they switch the data plan, but leave the voice plan intact? Frankly, I'm only interested in keeping my grandfathered voice plan...what att does with my data i couldn't care less.

    Thoughts? Experiences?

    2008-08-19 12:18 AM
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    We were att customers before the iphone came out and we kept our same voice plan, they just added the data plan. If you have data, why bother even telling them?
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    2008-08-20 11:36 PM
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    since the BB is on EGDE and the 3g iphone isnt, i doubt the plans are compatible.
    2008-09-29 10:09 PM
  4. DJSMITH's Avatar
    since the BB is on EGDE and the 3g iphone isnt, i doubt the plans are compatible.
    I have a GoPhone SIM in my iPhone, I only get EDGE
    2008-10-06 03:58 AM
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    why not just ask ATT? Seems like the best way to go. You are not doing anything illegal, simply asking if this is possible. I think you would keep your voice plan and pay like 15 bucks a month more for the data.
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    2008-10-06 04:01 AM