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    I have finally solved MMS issues on ATT.

    I called several times tonight and the two reps that I spoke with were either Evil Apple Moles or clueless, nevertheless, they said that it was absolutely impossible to add two separate plans to one account, especially if one is the iPhone. So the $20 iphone plan and $20 reg unlimited messaging plan, that is mentioned in forums, was not happening for me. What I did was this...

    As some have suggested, I used the 'second' phone gimmick, but as I actually have one, an old 8525, I let her record the IMEI # (they may not even ask you, but by then it was the battle of bit**es between me and the rep. lol) and add the PDA plan for this phone. It was $35/ mth and includes unlimited internet, text and mms. You also save $5. She said that it wouldn't work on the iPhone, but guess what, it does!!!! First successful MMS sent!

    EDIT**** Nevermind. If you care about your visual voicemail. Darn't. I hate voicemail, so this is a must have feature. No visual voicemail support for any other plan, so I am back to square one waiting for the true sdk. Only a few days away though right???

    I tricked you ATT! Victory. Enjoy.
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    2008-03-03 03:15 AM
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    Nice work

    I'm going to wait a bit and see what happens. I'm thinking there is going to be a SDK app for this since its been proved that its possible with Swirly, so if there is, then ATT will have to offer the service. If not, I still have 2 razr phones that use 2 days out of the week when I need to do street patrols. Rather not use the iphone during that as its a lot of in and out of the car and lord knows what else, so I do use the razrs during that as they are dinged up as it is.
    2008-03-03 03:55 AM
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    just curious, how did you convince a rep to install a media max unlimited $35 plan on a pda phone? Thats not even the correct plan for the 8525 that you mentioned you gave her. The correct plan would be PDA unlimited which is $50. I would be careful & double your plan soon. With new a new upgrade on their system, these plans automatically remove if the system finds an incorrect match. I get customers all the time pissed off when they realize their media net or max plans suddenly drop.
    2008-03-03 04:44 AM
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    I'm surprised it even went THROUGH. The recent updates to the billing system are supposed to keep incorrect features for IMEI types from even showing up for customer service reps.
    [r a y n e]
    2008-03-09 07:00 AM
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    Alright everybody I've been keeping this on the DL for a long time because I figured if many started doing it they would figure out a way to block it but anyways I'm going to let the cat out of the bag. I have to Iphone one that have on the 2.x firmware but I keep the other on 1.1.4 because I like how I have it setup. Anyways In the begining days of swirly it worked but then I was told that ATT started doing a system IMEI sweep everynight and if and IMEI number came up with MMS on the plan it would automaticly take it off. Well I jailbroke my 1.1.4 iphone with Ziphone and change the IMEI number to my old razor IMEI number and left my plan the same. Now when I got to my att profile guess what pic pops up, that's right my old razor. All other settings as far as apn, proxy are just the same. If you try this be patient and it may take a day for the att system to update and check your IMEI number under the general tab in settings on the phone. I've had this working for a long time now so let me know how things go. Good luck. Now that is really tricking ATT you don't even have to talk to them. Let me know how things go. This is the first time I've let my secret out.
    2008-11-26 04:41 AM
  6. Reako's Avatar
    Newsflash, that's already been discussed.
    2008-11-26 02:14 PM
  7. techjones's Avatar
    I would love to try some of these methods but its probably better to wait
    & see what 3.1 brings us. I don't feel very confident though.
    2009-08-10 04:48 PM
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    MMS has not been disabled in any beta 3.1 seed as it was in the 3.0 so it is gonna be interested. I would think its a safe bet its coming in 3.1 next month.
    2009-08-10 09:59 PM
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    What is up with the first posters bringing back year old posts today? This is the third one I saw today.

    MMS will be released by ATT more than Apple through a carrier update since the rest of the world has had MMS.
    2009-08-11 12:58 AM