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    Hey everyone, I am a current ATT customer. I am on my fathers family plan. The plan consists of unlimited mobile to mobile, Free Nights and Weekends, and 1400 anytime minutes with UNLIMITED Texting.So here's the deal guys, I just sent in two non working 1st gen iphones to our comrade ONE1 and hopefully we can work out whats wrong and get at least one working iphone. So if and when I get back a working iphone I would like to use it without the 20 dollar data plan if possible, which I think some strides have been made to make this possible as of late (or maybe its always been this way). Can I just use the sim from my nokia p.o.s. I have right now, pop it in the iphone, download bossprefs, turn off edge and nothing will be changed? Meaning, I will still have unlimited text and my rate plan unchanged? Will I get a text or email from at&t asking to upgrade? I thought I was already on some kind of data plan like mediamax or some crap, but the only thing I see on my fathers acct. is unlimited texting under data. Thanks for your help.

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    2009-01-14 09:42 PM
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    Are you planning on never using internet?

    The old sim should work with your phone, no problem.
    Turning off Edge should be the ticket...just beware charges may show up and you'll have to call CC.
    2009-01-21 11:33 PM