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    Hey guys I am posting about a recent concern with my new phone, the HTC Fuze for at&t. I love the the phone and everything works great on it the only concern i have with it is when i send texts they dont get recived until a couple days later and are always delayed. ALthough i recive them on time. I called at&t and they said they dont have anymore in stock to return and they cannot look to find where they have them in stock. They said if they get them in stock they will call us but they will not stock the 30 day return policy This kinda made me angry, so i called another at&t and they told me to go into my call settings and then under serves under voicemail and text messaging to change the number for the texting and voicemail service and it still did not work. This sucks majorly so i decided to take maktters into my own hands and try to fix it now is there anyone that can suggest a solution to this problem. IF you know message back thanks
    2009-01-19 10:15 PM
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    Ok first off this is an iPhone forum. You might want to hang around xda-developers.com

    Secondly this is a carrier issue. You call AT&T tell them your issue, tell them to remove the messaging feature and add it again. Also tell them to send you OTA updates. While you're on the phone with them send an SMS to yourself and verify if you receive it promptly.

    If those fail it may be an issue with your SIM card. To duplicate issue place SIM into another AT&T phone and try texting. If it works fine then I would assume it's the FUZE. If you are still having the same issue then I would assume it's the SIM.
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    2009-01-23 03:21 AM