1. jkwireless's Avatar

    I bought an iPhone 2g and have been using it on my T-mobile account, however I am also an AT&T customer. I was having spotty call quality on AT&T so I wasn't interested in getting the 3g, but would like to use my 2g on AT&T as things are getting better. I was in the AT&T store and asked if I could do so, and they explained that there was a $20 data plan w/200 texts, but that I would have to renew my contract for 2 years in order to have it put onto my account. I wasn't willing to do that.

    Does anybody have a different experience? Or, is there a different data plan that offers the same edge data service but just not an iPhone plan? Or, if the AT&T system sees my phone, and they want to put me on a data plan might I have better luck with not having to extend my contract? I don't mind paying the appropriate cost to use my iPhone on AT&T, but certainly don't want to extend my contract.

    I appreciate your input!
    2009-01-22 06:00 AM
  2. less2's Avatar
    Ive been using a blackberry account a little over a year, on my unlocked
    2g. And no problems
    2009-01-23 07:36 AM
  3. NeoNightmareX's Avatar
    They haven't put my phone on a data plan. I have a 2g iPhone and AT&T Blue (the really old one).
    2009-01-23 08:17 AM