1. Bengal313's Avatar
    I have a jailbroken 3g iphone. My carrier is AT&T. I canceled my iphone plan and just have a regular plan with text messaging and voice mail. I already went through the setup of my voice mail by calling my own number from my iphone. I have tested it and people are able to leave messages. What my problem is,

    I don't get notification when I have a voice mail. When I click on the voicemail icon the get a message " To retrieve voice mail , first set a password and greeting." Then there is a "Set Up Now" button below. I enter the password that I created but nothing. Error,"Unable to initiate connection." Note: I have Edge and 3G turned off. I only use WIFI.

    I had the same setup on my 2G iphone and everything worked like a charm. I would get notices, little vociemail number would indicate the number of vociemail , and I was able to click voicemail to retrieve messages.
    "Knowledge Speaks But Wisdom Listens"
    2009-01-30 12:54 AM
  2. Andis Jackson's Avatar
    I think you have to be at least using edge in order to access your voicemail. Try turning that on, and see if it works.
    2009-02-03 02:24 PM
  3. Bengal313's Avatar
    Actually I ended up unlocking the phone. Then I stuck a Tmobile sim. Replaced the Tmobile sim with AT&T's and rebooted. Evey thing works great.
    "Knowledge Speaks But Wisdom Listens"
    2009-02-03 04:53 PM