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    i have a 2g iphone and want to know about the specific plans. i would be purchasing the cheapest plan for 39 bucks. im confused as to how much edge is though. is it the same as 3g? also, if they only offer edge, do they offer an unlimited edge and messaging plan? i know thier cheapest one with 3g is 30$. is there anything cheaper? could i buy a diff phone and put the sim card with unlimited data in my iphone? confused here. if theres a site or post explaining this please tell me.
    2009-02-12 08:46 PM
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    I assume you are in the states.

    The cheapest ATT iphone plan is $59.99 esentially $39.99 for your phone minutes and $20.00 for unlimited Data and 200 text.

    The only way to get something cheaper is to get data plan on an other wireless phone and then switch the sim and hope ATT will not catch you and change the plan for you.

    If you are unlocked and use Tmobile the $5.99 tzones plan was available, but you basically had to do the same thing activate a regular cell phone and then switch the sim and add the tmobile settings. I did this with the cheap Tmobile plan $30 for 300 minutes and $5.99 for Tzones. Really cheap but if you text a lot or make alot of calls then not really worth it.

    I'm not sure it the $5.99 plan is still available. I have heard both ways. My nephew pays $20 month for data on Tmobile in addition to his voice minutes.
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    2009-03-02 10:26 PM