1. tmg1991's Avatar
    hey yall im about to switch over to att from verizon so i can get the iphone 3g. just got a few questions for yall. i am buying it off of craigslist so does that mean when i go to the at&t store
    i have to sign up for all data plans and what nots as if i was buying my phone direfctly from att. or can i just select a plan like 450 mintues 39.99 with 1400 txts for 15.99. or am i restricted to just the iphone plan i guess u could say. also would it be cheaper to use it on tmobile? thanks for the help!
    2009-02-18 12:56 AM
  2. cpjr's Avatar
    Cheaper on Tmo.

    And you still gotta sign a contract with ATT so it would be stupid not to buy the iphone from ATT, cause it would be alot cheaper.

    Also, with ATT you have to have the data plan.
    2009-02-18 12:59 AM
  3. tmg1991's Avatar
    thank you. and if i was to go to tmobile would i have to sign a 2 yr contract with them as well. cuz the reason i dont wanna buy from att or something is so i can switch networks or upgrade whenever i want to.
    2009-02-18 01:18 AM