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    So I try to do my research and read up on all the forums before I post anything and i've finally reached that point. It appears in everyone's walkthrough of getting this setup it says:

    Step1: Make sure you can receive messages first...

    Ok well I can't even do that.. I've had my girlfriend send me a pic message to test it out and it only shows via in the SMS with a hyperlink. SwirlyMMS is not recognizing it. I've called AT&T and have had them Enable a seperate Multimedia package aside from my Data plan and also requested WAP Push Enabled on all available areas of my account. Still nothing... I've used over 5-10 different settings with no luck.

    Any advice would be very helpful.
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    2009-02-24 06:09 PM
  2. Shupey's Avatar
    ask them to go into snooper and turn on mms and then ask them to reset your vlr.
    2009-02-24 07:06 PM
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    i've been getting stonewalled at every turn. talked to tech, talked to managers, talked to the chat people. NOBODY will help me get WAP push enabled on my phone. I've got the unlimited messaging that is non-iphone, i've set up MobileME (which would theoretically fix the WAP problem) still can't get swirly to work.

    frustrating as hell.
    2009-02-24 07:54 PM
  4. zinjen's Avatar
    ask them to go into snooper and turn on mms and then ask them to reset your vlr.
    Just did that had them resend OTA and reset VLR + WAP Is Enabled and they went in the Snooper. I can't understand why the hell it wont work.

    It's not even showing PIC messages in my inbox.. when I had my old 1st gen iphone it would atleast show the inbox messages. What's even more frustrating is the green "M" is showing up so it appears its working?
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    2009-02-24 08:24 PM
  5. cricketlang's Avatar
    the green m only means that your connected to your apn. thats all. swirly is not seeing your messages on the server your connecting to to even tell you they are there.
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    2009-02-24 09:05 PM
  6. monchy36's Avatar
    something is wrong in your app???? normaly show that you have a MMS on the in box... did you try uninstall and installed again? plus MMS as been aprove now because App Store have MMS apps, you just have to tell ATT to enable for the app on App Store...
    2009-02-24 09:12 PM
  7. cricketlang's Avatar
    its not an issue with the app. the app only does and fetches what you tell it to. the setttings are going to have to reflect the ones that have been approved. i dont know what they are as i dont work with att. i am a tmobile user
    The beatings will continue until morale improves.
    2009-02-24 09:27 PM
  8. nrowensby's Avatar
    I got SwirlyMMS working yesterday. And it's still working today Great. I'm on a goPhone pick your service plan with these features:

    "Data Unlimited"
    "iPhone PYP Data Unlimited"
    "Messaging Standard 1000"

    To use goPhone I went to walmart and bought the pay as you go Nokia2610 phone. Set everything up then placed the SIM in the iPhone. Hete are the steps to get MMS working. All info I got from this site.

    ********************/2008/09/review-swirlymms-vs-flutter-real- iphone-mms/

    DHewes Says:
    November 5th, 2008 at 3:57 pm


    OK, on another forum I found a solution that works and does not require you call ATT. Now, in this info it says to wait 10 minutes. Mine worked - but NOT until after I got a confirmation email like 12 hours later.

    Swirly MMS and AT&T Help - Mac Forums
    can confirm that the following steps will allow Swirly to work on your AT&T iPhone. I got this from the swirly forums and it worked for me. I think you need family plan with messaging on it also, which I do.

    First, you will need a regular AT&T/Cingular phone. I used a old Nokia 2610. You should be able to use any phone as long as it is Media Net compatible.

    Take the SIM from your iPhone, Insert it in to a standard phone, Make a phone call, wait about 5 minutes.
    After 5 minutes go to the following link online,

    My MEdia Net

    Enter in your mobile number(it might say your phone is not supported.. if so wait a little longer and try again), then at the next screen it will ask for a 4 digit code.

    The 4 digit code will be sent to your phone via Text message.
    Enter the code in on the website then enter your email. You should be able to access the main Media Net site.

    Now send a mms. It will take some time for the network to recognize the phone. Be patient. Took me about 10 minutes. Dont continue until you have successfully sent a message.

    Now take out the sim card and place it back in the iPhone.

    Make sure the Swirly MMS Settings are as follows…


    leave apn, username, and password fields blank..

    Image Size: Maximum
    UserAgent: Nokia_N95.

    Hope this will help anyone still having problems. It took me 4mins to get the mms to go through with the nokia but like he stated it works. The only thing I see that's weird at first is when you first try to send from the iphone it seems like it took forever.

    -IMPORTANT note:
    I changed my setting after I took out the SIM and Then powered off/restarted my iphone before putting the SIM back in. This will insure everything will work smoothly.
    Try this! I, too, had tried everything I could think of before with no luck. 30 minutes following these directions and I am sending & recieving MMS.
    2009-03-06 03:11 AM