1. Avid's Avatar
    I just got notice of a multimedia text message that was apparently sent 5 days ago.

    I'm also getting prompted for new voicemail messages when the phone didn't ring (had 2-3 bars of signal) - but an hour or two after the message was left.

    Any ideas? I may try restoring it to see if it helps things. Otherwise, everything is working as normal.
    2009-03-25 04:28 AM
  2. Poseidon79's Avatar
    It's not a phone issue.. it's an AT&T network issue in your area. I'd call customer care and report it.
    2009-03-25 04:30 AM
  3. lillewis51's Avatar
    i get the same problem if my phone doesnt have signal when its sent or called but other than that idk. maybe try reseting network settings will do the trick. or a simple hard reset.

    nvm Poseidon is on the case...
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    2009-03-25 04:31 AM
  4. Avid's Avatar

    They resent programming to my phone and said to see if that helps. I was calling on it, so he said he couldn't troubleshoot it since we were on the line. But he did spend a few minutes looking up network/tower issues to see if there were any problems in the area.
    2009-03-26 12:56 AM