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    hey guys, been trolling for a while never really posted much. just wondering if anyone can answer this question for me...I was wondering if I have an unlocked iphone 3G. and switch out my current SIM card into it, after it's already been unlocked and jailbroken, will ATT be able to tell I've switched my phone when I start using it and try and charge me a shitload more than I'm paying now?

    Because I'm thinking about buying a Iphone 3G and unlocking it, adding unlimited messaging/data to my current plan for 30 bucks so I won't have to worry about going over anything since I don't talk on the phone enough to go over minutes (outrageously high, suprise cell phone charges have been the source of nearly all my financial woes thus far so I'm trying to avoid them happening again)

    Probably could have made this much more concise, but I guess the more specific I am the easier it'll be for somebody to answer..thanks alot for any help.
    2009-05-02 12:31 AM
  2. StealthBravo's Avatar
    AT&T can tell what phone you have by the IMEI number logged into their network
    2009-05-02 12:34 AM
  3. tpetersen545's Avatar
    ah so even if it's unlocked, they'll end up dinging me the ridiculous cost of the iphone plan?

    then I also have a follow up question. With ATT I can elect not to have any messaging service from them...I know there are apps on cydia that offer sms services for less than ATT would charge, any pointers as to what my options are in that case? (I'm a broke college student, that's why I'm so concerned with trying to find the cheapest possible option haha)
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    2009-05-02 01:08 AM
  4. StevenB's Avatar
    With ATT I can elect not to have any messaging service from them...
    Yes you can elect to not have SMS on your account.
    2009-05-06 05:13 PM