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    So here is the situation, in August my sister will be studying in Spain for about 4 months. She has an iPhone 3G that hasn't been unlocked or even jailbroken. Our carrier is AT&T and what option would be the cheapest for maintaining the level of service she has here in the States? She isn't very technical so if I'm going to do anything, I'd need to set it up before she leaves (I pay her phone bill which is why I'm the one writing this )

    I suppose my first question is if I jailbreak and "soft-unlock" her phone, could she put a pre-paid SIM card in her iPhone and would it work? Is the soft-unlock reversible? I'm 99% sure thats what the "soft" part means but I want to make sure because I don't want to risk voiding the warranty.

    It would seem like this is the best option but if someone knows of another way to maintain the level of service she is use to (meaning download apps whenever she wants, check weather, get and send e-mails and IMs, etc) then please share.

    Thanks everyone in advance!

    Forgot to mention, if someone knows of a better forum to post this message, please share, I won't be offended.
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    You could unlock and she could use a prepaid sim but im not sure if that would give her data access or not. SHe could use the wifi though.
    2009-05-10 10:12 PM

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