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    Hi All,

    Been looking at the forums for an answer but couldn't find any, I'm sure its somewhere though...

    Anyways, I've got an ATT service for 6-7 years now and installed my sim card with my sisters 3G iphone which isn't hacked or anything. I didn't get any service.

    So if I decided to get an iphone, would I then need to get a sim card loader like turbo?

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    2009-06-04 01:35 AM
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    #1 it should work. try restarting the iPhone. Is the sim card 6-7 years old?
    #2 you will not need a turbo sim, maybe a new sim card from AT&T
    2009-06-04 01:48 AM
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    1. The iphone was off when I swapped the sim cards and upon powering it up, didn't get any service. Yes, the sim card is also 6-7 years old...It doesn't have the 3G printed on it like the sim card in my sisters iphone sim...

    2. Will they charge me for a new sim card? Won't they make me sign a new contract?
    2009-06-04 02:26 AM
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    I think they may charge you $10 or something small like that. Just tell them yours is messed up and you want them to send you a new one... of coarse call them and request a new one don't go to a AT&T store.
    2009-06-04 04:24 AM
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    Do I need to be specific with regards to asking for an iphone sim card or will any new sim card do?

    Comparing my sim card with the one in the iphone, the iphone sim has the 3G printed on it where as my 6 year old does not...
    2009-06-04 07:27 AM
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    no difference, They all have 3G printed on them now.
    Just tell them you want a new one for the phone they think you have razor or whatever you have
    2009-06-05 01:12 AM
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    If you end up purchasing an iPhone from an Apple store, AT&T, BestBuy, or WalMart, it could contain a new SIM they can activate in place of your old one.

    If you're a current AT&T (Cingular Orange) customer, any corporate store should exchange SIMs for free. I have done this a few times before on various accounts.
    Some resellers (mostly those that can't sell iPhones) might charge to replace SIMs, since reps don't get commission for SIM replacements and it depletes the stores SIM stock.

    This above assumes you currently use an old Cingular SIM.

    If you had an AT&T Wireless Services SIM (usually either completely white or completely dark blue with the old 'AT&T' [upper case lettering] logo), that would explain why you're not getting service. iPhones only work with Cingular SIMs and 'at&t' [lower case letters] split blue&white 3G SIMs without being unlocked by Turbo/Rebel/SIMs or yellowsn0w.
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    I actually do have the old AT&T Wireless sim card, so that explains why I can't get any service on the iphone...

    If I recall, about a few years ago, I bought a blackberry cell phone off of craigslist and needed to buy a sim card as I had lost my phone...I walked into an ATT store and they requested that I would need to sign up for a new contract since at that time, I was month to month...Walked away, found an old sim card I had and got it activated via ATT customer service over the phone...Nice lady too...

    I think I'll just call up customer service and request a new sim card...

    Here's a question...

    If I do call and request a new sim card, wouldn't ATT then cancel my current, old type (AT&T Wireless) sim card?

    I would still want my current sim card active and working...

    I guess its the luck of the draw at that point then...
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    You won't be able to keep your old SIM active unless you are starting a new at&t (orange) account.

    If you do ask for a new SIM for current account: Because at&t stopped carrying replacement ATTWS SIMs (like the one you use now) for some time now, you'll probably end up being asked to migrate to at&t (Orange).
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    2009-06-09 07:06 PM
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    Update to my situation...

    Called up customer service and the rep said that my phone was still under warranty, which was a surprise to me, and that I qualified for a free replacement but I needed to call warranty customer care....They knew I had a blackberry pearl since I had an issue a year ago and they updated the info...

    Called them up and the rep says I'm not under warranty and I'd have to call customer service back...Called them again and this rep states that I can't get a replacement sim for the one I have since its the old type and they haven't had those in nearly a year...I would be able to get them at a corporate store however...So I mention to her what if the store doesn't have it, what then?...Then I would have to switch to a new plan to get the new sim card...She states that I'm on the old network thus the new sim won't work...

    This led to me ask her if I were to buy an unlocked phone and need a sim card, couldn't I order one? Nope couldn't since I'm on the old network...She asks me if my phone was unlocked, which it was and she says then I can order the sim card...

    Now I'm like WTF...She gets back and says sorry, it still won't work because of the network I'm on...

    Is there any way I can purchase the new sim card?
    2009-06-12 06:46 AM
  11. johnofdadead's Avatar
    You just need a new SIM from ATT.
    2009-06-12 09:09 PM
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    Related question, so my whole family is at&t. I want to upgrade to 3gs, can I swap the sim card out of my son's phone into the iphone and not have to change my plan? Don't wamt to add to my bill and right now his phone is only $10 amonth since we are on family talk. Any help would be appreciated.
    2009-06-12 09:33 PM
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    You could swap it between lines, but you'll risk having AT&T add an iPhone data plan to the line using the iPhone.
    2009-06-12 09:48 PM
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    You just need a new SIM from ATT.
    Yes I know...

    Question is, will the new type of sim card work since I'm on the "old network"???

    Better yet, can I walk into a corp store and purchase a sim card without changing my plan???

    Doesn't seem likely...
    2009-06-12 10:17 PM
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    Having spent over 8 hrs with customer service reps over a period of 2 weeks, and 2 trips to the ATT corporate store, the store issued me a new SIM that can not be activated.

    The store wants me to change plans, while customer service thinks it is the RAZR I am using- they say RAZRs are no longer supported, and can not tell me what will be supported.

    Keep me posted on how to resolve this!
    2009-06-27 01:24 AM
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    The ATT store should just swap sims for you. I have done it a lot in the past. I just say that my service has been bad and ask if it is possible that it could be the sim and they just scan the new one to my account and I am set to go.

    If they want you to change plans just see if one of your friends has a standard newer phone that you could use for a minute while you go into the store. As long as you don't bring in a PDA type phone they shouldn't bug you to up your plan.

    The big thing with ATT is in most of their areas they have been upgrading towers so they always try giving you a new sim first when you say you are having connection problems.
    2009-06-27 01:52 AM
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    I walked into an ATT Corp store 3 weeks ago and said my sim card is acting up as it sometimes states "Please insert sim"...The rep was ready to give me a new 3G sim card when he asked a manager a question to which the manager stated they can't give me a new 3G sim since I'm on the old network and they probably don't have any of the old sims available...

    The rep goes into the back and finds one, apparently the last one, and gets it activated and cancels my old sim...

    The manager wanted me to sign up for a new plan to get the 3G sim to which I said no...

    Acting as if I didn't know, I asked why I couldn't get the new 3G sim card for my current plan and he states because of the network I'm on...So I don't think they would've swapped sims for me...

    Even if I use a friends phone with my sim card, they'll just replace it with another old sim since I'm on the old network...If I use a friends phone with their 3G sim card, they'll replace it but cancel the original...

    Don't see the advantage of that...
    2009-07-08 12:16 AM
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    He just wanted to sell you another service! one advice, neves ask about your personal sim card and the use of it on the iphone. they will tell you some wild ****!

    I have 3 phones on 3 different accounts, One is a LG Incite, which I used with my 3GS(has Unlimited DATA/Tethering (well 5GB a month), on my other 2 I have samsung, that are MediaNet capable and is as good as the DATA package but cheaper. and the best of it! it's my MMS service.

    Another trick, well last year! I got 2 iphones, but did never did activated them with the sim car it came with it! I did use a pre-paid! so the phone was free to roam on either ATT or T-mobile!
    2009-07-08 12:35 AM
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    Just thought of something...

    What would happen if I bought a 3G sim card and am able to have it activated over the phone?

    I'm thinking it still won't work but just a thought...
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    2009-07-08 12:48 AM
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    Just thought of something...

    What would happen if I bought a 3G sim card and am able to have it activated over the phone?

    I'm thinking it still won't work but just a thought...
    They probably won't activate a SIM for you unless it's a replacement SIM for your current account/line on the 'old network' (the starting eight digits on the SIM would need to be 8931 0380... an eBay example: AT&T Wireless GSM Sim Card - Old Service 8931), OR you intend to migrate to a new 'at&t' plan.
    They also won't activate a SIM for an additional line/account to use on the 'old network'.

    You pretty much have only two options:
    1) Migrate to a new plan and lose whatever older (or cheaper to current 'at&t') plans/features/etc you have now... but you won't lose your phone number and you'll be able to get the iPhone working immediately, or
    2) Keep your plan/features/etc and either use the current 'old' SIM and redsn0w + Ultrasn0w that iPhone 3G. The iPhone will work using the Dev Team's tools, but you'll have to keep hesitant on updating the 3G's firmware until the Dev Team says so.

    From the way this thread's gone, option 2 might be best for you, IMHO.

    'The new at&t' wants to wean current customers away from the older plans while getting newer phones... they want people off 'old' networks and their occasional 'perks' (free incoming SMS, cheap rates, or other items) that 'at&t' can charge [more] for on the current/'new' network.
    Basically "you can't have your cake and eat it too."

    No one can have two active SIMs with the same phone number on them (that's illegal in the US), nor can someone have two SIMs/lines on the same billing account that are from the 'old' network and the 'new' network (that's 'at&t' billing policy).

    Sorry if this is disconcerting, but it's unfortunately the truth.
    Good luck.
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