1. nickedwards90's Avatar
    is AT&T's edge down or is it me....i cant get online or anything on my iphone and im thinking my dad put parental controls so i cant get on at school...any ideas?

    2007-09-21 03:41 PM
  2. eg6motion's Avatar
    parental controls? well....does the phone say "E" in the top left corner, if so, then your on EDGE.
    2007-09-21 04:11 PM
  3. h3lpmedic's Avatar
    parental controls? on the iphone... really? I didn't think the iPhone market was tailored to kids yet.
    2007-09-21 04:20 PM
  4. nickedwards90's Avatar
    yes...it is...there is an E but i go onto weather or safari...or anything for that matter and it doesn't load....no connection....?? and AT&T does offer a service....its gay...
    2007-09-21 06:58 PM
  5. McGeeTM's Avatar
    haha pwned by smart lines
    [CENTER] Honda-Tech FTW
    2007-09-24 02:17 AM
  6. iphonejeff's Avatar
    how young could u be?
    2007-09-24 08:10 AM
  7. iPhoneHero's Avatar
    underaged b&!
    2007-09-28 05:22 AM
  8. Zman-iPhone's Avatar
    I have one and I'm 15
    I worked about 4 weeks to get it.
    8GB Model
    I pay monthly $55 for unlimited everything (except minutes/500)

    To answer your question, YES, iPhone is marketed toward anyone who can afford it.
    Not just you conceited adults

    2007-10-02 09:49 AM