1. penance's Avatar
    Yesterday I opened a new line on my family plan to get the new iPhone 3GS, when I got back home I spoke with AT&T and told the rep to remove the iPhone data plan as I wasn't going to use the iPhone on this particular line. I gave them an IMEI number for another phone and now their system thinks I'm using something else, not an iPhone.

    My question, I want to cancel the new line I just created and was wondering if there was going to be an early termination fee? I think I have 30 days to cancel without penalty ... If I do this will AT&T know about my iPhone and make me return it or bill me for it?
    2009-06-22 07:22 AM
  2. CaptainChaos's Avatar
    You will pay a $175 ETF and they will make you pay full price for the iPhone if you do not return it.

    Wait 30 days and then cancel. You still pay the $175, but you get to keep the phone.
    2009-06-22 07:31 AM