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    So I broke down and got my wife a new 8GB iPhone at the $99 price and managed to get AT&T to take off the iPhone data plan and they put on block on data for me because I told them she was going to go back to using a blackjack instead and I didn't want her to accidentally use data. So now thats done everything has been working fine, she is using internet and apps when on wifi only and is able to text fine and do everything else except voicemail. When she goes to voicemail it wants her to setup the visual voicemail which she can't do since she has no data and you can't do it over wifi. So what I am wondering is how can I go about getting the voicemail button to go back to calling into the voicemail box system and she can retrieve messages there. I am thinking I can maybe call AT&T and have them reset the voicemail but they still thik she has blackjack. Does anyone have any ideas? Currently the phone is not jailbroken but I would be willing to do so if that would help but am not very familiar with the process. Any help is apprecaited. Thank you.
    2009-06-24 05:07 PM

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