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    I bought a 3GS so I can use it with Tmobile when it gets unlocked.

    But now the unlock may not come till september who knows? Anyways, is there a way I can open up an AT&T account with no contract... and use it with AT&T for about a month or 2(until they release an unlock) then cancel without a penalty?

    Keep in mind I already bought the phone from ebay.

    AT&T says that using an iPhone weather I purchased it full price or not as a new customer will lock me into a 2 year contract regardless... that only if I am an existing customer can I purchase it full price and not have it under contract...

    Is there any way I can roll with this in my favor?
    2009-07-03 03:59 AM
  2. cpjr's Avatar
    Unless a prepay simcard will work, no. Not sure if prepay will work or not.
    2009-07-03 04:02 AM
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    Unless a prepay simcard will work, no. Not sure if prepay will work or not.
    If the 3GS is the same with respect to activation as the 3G, then any 'at&t' or Cingular SIM, including prepaid or MVNO like O2/Locus, will work.
    Obviously data settings will have to be changed if one doesn't use an iPhone 3G[S] data plan, since AT&T's normal 'wap.cingular" APN is not configured on the 3G/S with 3.0 (only the 3G[S] plan-specific 'phone' APN is configured on the 3GS).

    Reznor, as for getting on a no-contract plan:
    -If you aren't looking for an unlimited data solution, GoPhone Pick Your Plan isn't too bad. You can get a 100MB block of data for $20/month, and voice plans start at $30/month. Plus, no ETF or activation fees. GoPhone PAYG is also a similar non-unlimited data option.
    -If you're wanting a plan with unlimited data, then a 'normal' AT&T account (requiring the credit check, activation fees, etc) is an option, since data-only plans exist (supposed to be for PDAs) and voice+data can come to around $55+tax/month.
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