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    Ok, I'm tired of the age-old fight of which carrier should carry the iPhone and which one shouldn't and which carrier sucks, etc.

    SO! Here are the pros of AT&T:
    *I get full coverage in my town on my iPhone 3G, EDGE, mind you (which actually isn't much slower than 3G).
    *You have complete bluetooth freedom with AT&T phones.
    *AT&T actually has some pretty sexy([email protected]$#ing awesome) phones.
    *AT&T is cheaper than Sprint (so I hear)

    *3G is not available in all areas, big deal. You shouldn't be complaining about internet everywhere, no matter how slow it is.
    *MMS has yet to be enabled on the iPhone regardless of how long they have had to prepare for it.

    Ok I want to hear everyone's opinion on why they suck or why they rock. Obviously "Well this one lady on customer service this ONE time on this ONE phone" doesn't represent the whole carrier.
    2009-07-07 07:23 AM
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    To me ATT gives me what I need on my Unlocked cell's, if I'm using a 3G enable cell, and T-mobile to the EDGE ones. Since I get all these Unlocked cell's I do like to try them in different GSM service provider.

    I have use my old G1 on ATT and it fly's compare to t-mobiles.(reason is that the t-mobile 3G is on frequency 1700MHz, While ATT is 2100Mhz, even the new HTC Magic (G2) I have a family account with ATT and a Business acount, total of 12 units. with t-mobile only 3.

    But I know it sucks when you are a user of their cell phones. They do limited their services and use.

    My girl as a 3GS, and she is so mad, since she can't use de MMS, but I ca seems I have and LG Incite account on my 3GS

    But other wise is a 50/50 e stand between ATT & T-mobile
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    2009-07-07 07:39 AM
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    I have tried many cell companies as I moved around several years ago. So far ATT has been the best. When I had T-mobile I did not get reception in many areas. When I travel to remote parts of Oklahoma to visit family ATT has been the only company that reaches their neck of the woods, with 3g as a bonus.

    I have friends that are on sprint and verizon and they don't get reception inside of their own houses but my ATT signal is perfect in there. I also buy and go through a ton of different cell phones and the people at the ATT store I go to are wonderful. Sad to say they now recognize me and when I picked up my 3GS he mentioned that I spend a lot of money there. I use the phones a month or so then sell them to a co-worker who ships them to his family in Africa. He pays me a good price. Also ATT has never had an issue with me asking for the unlock code for any of them.

    Always come back to the iPhone though.
    2009-07-07 08:08 AM
  4. tyfly867's Avatar
    Great Local and Nationwide Coverage
    Network somewhat fast and relaibale
    Worldwide GSM compatibility
    Online account managment pretty good
    Always have had the best phones (even before the iphone

    Nickel-and-diming SOBs
    Expensive (3 iphone fmaily lines ~200/month WITH fan discount)
    Shitty store and customer support
    you have to sign a 2 year contract with everything you do

    Everything that is a con with AT&T is pretty much true with all US carriers, so its a matter of picking the lesser of the evils
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    2009-07-10 10:48 PM
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    Constant dropped calls
    High prices

    Not suck:
    Good coverage, but.. (see #1 under Suck)
    3G is fast in this area
    2009-07-13 05:46 AM