1. linkrz's Avatar
    Why do I feel every time they upgrade their 3g network they also at the same time downgrade their edge network. I am stationed at a shop and don't move around much.
    When I first got my 3g phone my service was horrible I was getting 140 kbs which really translates into 14kbs!! They recently upgraded the towers I guess so now I'm getting 460 kbs which isn't to bad. Unfortunatly, the iPhone does not provide long battery life so I'm forced to go back down to edge whenever I am not browsing the web to save some power for the entire day. The problem now is that edge is so bad now after the 3gs was released the phone calls are barely audable. I'm wondering if anyone else feels that AT&T is downgrading their edge service to compensate with the upgrading of 3G.
    2009-07-10 07:01 PM
  2. gordo2150's Avatar
    Location! Location! Location!

    This is more related to hardware, I have an old razr about 3 years, and no problem with the EDGE, even in certain areas in FL and Penn. works real good! The apple claims lot's of improvements but their partner in Crime ATT, holds down a lot of features for this phone!

    ATT has de best open air 3G now (2100MHz) but his is only in certain areas, so your phone would consume more energy searching for it. I do get better reception on an Apple 2G, out-side certain rural area of Orlando, Tampa bay, and Saint Pete's that I will get with my iphone, eve the razr does way better!

    SO I think, is more the hardware issue and the service they offer
    2009-07-10 09:15 PM
  3. linkrz's Avatar
    I'm sorry I forgot to mention I am stationed in manhatten NY.
    Come to think of it hardware may be the culprit. Thanks for your input in the matter.
    2009-07-10 10:06 PM