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  1. gladesmellzgood's Avatar
    Mine was working for about a month and a half but as soon as I upgraded to the iPhone 3GS it wouldn't stick anymore. I stopped calling because they would never do it for me over the phone. I just used SB's method without calling and that worked and stuck for me with the 3G but not the 3GS. I hate AT&T so much I almost got a Pre
    2009-08-07 12:49 AM
  2. JustinPizzle's Avatar
    omg i hate pres....

    mainly because of the whole rosenberg (however you spell his name, idc) thing.

    i heart apple. im a fan boy. they dont always make me happy, but im still a fan boy...
    anyway, ya, i used SB's method and it just kept going away after like 24 hours
    If i helped you, clicking thanks would be nice
    2009-08-07 04:19 AM
  3. sudge3's Avatar
    yay, finally have lots of methods and trying, i got mms workin on my 3g. I used the same files and settings listed. The key is having wap push enabled. I called the rep and told them to see if i have it on cause i switch phones a lot, she did it, i popped in my sim and everything was working fine. Thanks man.
    2009-08-10 11:29 PM
  4. Rydex's Avatar

    Can you correct your documentation so that way we don't have to read every post about adding this or that. That would rally help

    Thanks! dude and great job
    2009-08-11 05:29 PM
  5. JustinPizzle's Avatar
    yup, sorry i was gunna do that.. but im lazy...

    ill go though and read everything again

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    If i helped you, clicking thanks would be nice
    2009-08-11 09:55 PM
  6. eatdirt1's Avatar
    i tryed that link but it didnt work,i hate at&t

    is that on the phone?
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    2009-08-12 04:26 AM
  7. JustinPizzle's Avatar
    what link? what are you talking about?
    If i helped you, clicking thanks would be nice
    2009-08-12 04:35 AM
  8. StealthBravo's Avatar
    sup Justin

    2009-08-12 04:56 AM
  9. and1gator's Avatar
    MMS still kicking. My billing cycle recently reset and I tried to send an MMS right after midnight of the new cycle and I got the dreaded red exclamation mark. I thought the run was over. But I waited a few more minutes and did a resend and it worked. Like PikkonX above, my myWireless also now says Integrated Messaging.

    But I did have a question, does anyone know how these messages are being tallied up? Is on MMS equal to like 4 SMS? Because I had 2 different numbers in terms of count. BiteSMS says one number and myWireless says another, the rate is almost 4 times as much. Just curious if anyone can shed any light on that.
    2009-08-12 05:12 PM
  10. JustinPizzle's Avatar
    hmmm. well i have unlimited messaging so idk..
    If i helped you, clicking thanks would be nice
    2009-08-14 08:32 PM
  11. and1gator's Avatar
    Nevermind figured it out. BiteSMS only counts the sent messages. Meanwhile myWireless counts both sent & received. Thanks though.
    2009-08-14 08:39 PM
  12. ipodtouch2.2.1's Avatar
    will it work on a gophone plan?
    2009-09-07 01:31 AM
  13. CyberKira's Avatar
    Clear all your text after putting these settings and reboot phone. That's how i got mines to work. Hope that helps. I using my 3GS.
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    2009-09-08 01:22 PM
  14. THouck24's Avatar
    HI I wanted to ask if anyone with an old blue at&t plan (white sim card) has been able to get the data plan (3g or edge) to work on their Iphone 3gs or even 3g. I just got an unlocked Iphone 3gs and the phone is saying that I dont currently have a data plan. i have mmdode. It worked fine on my Iphone 1st Generation. I can connect via Wi-fi. Please Help
    2010-07-09 03:37 PM
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