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    I don't know if I lucked out or not, but I have stopped getting those stupid balance messages every time data is transferred or a message is sent. I still get the ones after a call, but none of the other ones anymore.
    Whether I did something or AT&T did, I am lovin it.
    You people know what I am talking about, those messages would come all the time, even while the phone was idle.

    Basically, I am curious as to if other noticed the lack of balance messages.

    Am I getting smart with you? How would you know?
    2009-07-31 03:00 AM
  2. GenesisDH's Avatar
    AT&T decided to stop posting those '$0.00 used' messages to prepaid accounts. There's a topic in the GoPhone forum in HowardForums (as well as a couple topics in AT&T's own Community Forums) that mention this.

    As long as what you do doesn't deduct from your available balance, then the balance messages shouldn't show up for that action.
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    2009-08-01 05:37 AM