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    So I was talking with a customer service rep from Centennial Wireless (Which I use my unlocked 3g iPhone on). She said that AT&T purchased Centennial and that it should be completed by September. She said that AT&T will honor Centennial's current contracts and that anyone who doesn't want to go to AT&T can quit with no charges or fees. They'll simply be let out of their contracts. For people like me who tried to get an iphone on at&t but were asked for a $500 deposit, that's AWESOME news! We'll just be absorbed into AT&T as there will no longer be Centennial stores or anything, all AT&T.

    Now for the questions:
    Is there anyone here who works for at&t first off that may have any knowledge of anything. (To weed out the "friend of a friend of a friends dog walker)

    The BIG question:
    When Centennial becomes AT&T I'm wondering if people would be able to upgrade to AT&T phone right then. (If I walk into AT&T store after merger and say "Hey! I just became AT&T, can I get a 3gS?" without having to pay full retail, and all that jazz)....

    If anyone has some insight they'd like to share I and I'm sure some others would be greatly appreciative. Thanks!
    2009-08-02 06:51 AM
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    I believe that they already use AT&T towers, don't they? I don't remember where we were but I remember looking at my AT&T phone and seeing centennial pop up as carrier. This was not an iPhone it was a factory unlocked lg something.(c200 maybe) with att 3g sim in it. Stayed like that for 45 minutes or so. I also had a guy at work show me his t-moble phone come up AT&T, only did it in a certain spot on his way home. Everybody will say bs but if I wasn't there to see it myself I'd never believe it. I certainly can't explain it but it happens.

    Now to answer your question...
    They will make you sign a new 2yr contract, but you should get the good price because when they merge centennial customers will still use centennial sim and they want you on an AT&T sim. Look at when AT&T and Cingular merged, there are still alot of people on the old AT&T network. They offer these people the cheap prices just to get off the old network. So you've got a good chance at getting a deal.
    2009-08-02 02:24 PM