1. JustinPizzle's Avatar
    ya, i cant find any mention of anything like this with all my google searches

    maybe its a really isolated thing.
    the 4 of us....
    2009-08-04 04:51 PM
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    Are you all on the 5.0 carrier ( the one for MMS)? Because I am having the exact same issue, but I am on a JB 3Gs, on 3.0 FW. I started having this issue after I started trying to get MMS to work (still won't work by the way). When I called ATT they said that they were having a minor outage in northern Cali, but that it would effect some phones, but not others. Probably said that because I told them that my wifes phone was fine, and mine wasn't, even though they were right next to each other. I can make phone calls, but the data is dead, evevn though I show full bars, and 3G ( problem is present whether I am on 3G or edge). Ir requires a reboot to get it working again most times.

    So I would rule out the FW. JB is not really likely, unless they have a way to detect it now, and even then I don't see it since my wifes phone has no issues. I am gonna guess that it is either their network, or somehring to do with the carrier settings. It will stay on 5.0 even after a restore won't it?
    2009-08-04 07:34 PM
  3. JustinPizzle's Avatar
    no. restore always kills my att 5.0

    i have never checked if it stayed though...

    and thats is also an excellent point
    I started having this issue after I started trying to get MMS to work (still won't work by the way)
    i posted a thread about getting it working.

    also ironic that this is what seems to be causing it. maybe its becaue the DATA part of the ipcc file is empty..
    or the usernames and passwords.

    restoring to the 3.0.1 right now
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    2009-08-04 11:31 PM
  4. 1hihum's Avatar
    Yeah, I read that thread (the second one). I did everything, I got the MMS on the old phone no problem. I registered on Media net, no problem, hell I even had them switch me off ofthe iPhone data plan to the regular one. They enabled WAP push, reset the VLR's, did the OTA, the whole nine yards...but alas, it is not meant to be for me. I could get it to work for a few minutes, but that was it, no matter how many times I swapped the sim. And the last time I calls to have them anable WAP push again, the lady told me that it was already enabled, so the MMS God does not look kindly on me. And from the looks of it...neither does the Internet God.
    2009-08-05 06:05 AM
  5. JustinPizzle's Avatar
    lol love the analogies

    but look slike snooper is the prblm. and ive just gone to the
    no ipcc no jailbreak
    working fine.
    am gunna go put the mms back on right now.


    and then there was MMS...
    (with no dead Data)
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    2009-08-05 06:16 AM
  6. notaslyguy's Avatar
    I hope it's the network, i called ATT about my sudden loss of 3G and said in very light regard(very annoying) that BAY AREA, SACRAMENTO AND RENO are having problems.
    2009-08-05 07:19 AM
  7. A3gOwner's Avatar
    My mms worked fine before jailbreak and nothing after jailbreak, phone and SMS seemed ok just no data. I have the 5.0 ipcc on 3 iPhones on 3.0 and no issues at all, so I'd rule that out. I'm just gonna wait for 3.1 jailbreak and unlock before updating my Gs not worried about SMS hack.
    2009-08-05 08:41 AM
  8. JustinPizzle's Avatar
    i think it is the 5.0 ipcc.
    because my data just stopped working again.

    it was fine before the ipcc. it was working fine yesterday too.

    i think it changes overnight


    Just called ATT.

    rep from tier two did a few things, i kept asking her what she was doing so i could post it here.
    i have 3G working along with mms and visual voicemail. my voice is also intact.

    first they had me turn off the phone, then take out the sim card.
    turn the phone on, and put the sim back in after it was on again. (didnt work)

    then she kept looking for the APN settings i was aking for (i ended up being wrong, because those fields are syill blank and its working.

    then she did an OTA (over that air activation)
    and it started working again.

    then she had me reset my network settings (from the restore tab in settings)
    and the phone rebooted.
    (MMS stayed intact)

    then my 3G stopped working again

    then ANOTHER OTA

    and then i told her "ok ok, my data works, im happy. thank you for your help"

    because im hungry, its time for breakfast and she was gunna ruin my MMS AND Data lol

    just call and tell them its not working
    OTA will solve the problem in conjunction with a network settings reset

    Good luck everyone
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    2009-08-05 08:41 PM
  9. 1hihum's Avatar
    So are you still using the 5.0 carrier set up? I already reset all of my cellular date settings. Do I need to doa complete network reset?
    2009-08-05 09:31 PM
  10. JustinPizzle's Avatar
    i am on the 5.0 WITH mms working.

    and 3G and Edge.

    you need to have them do a OTA.
    thats what got mine working again.
    i dont think she told me everything though.
    just call, dont tell them you have MMS.
    and tell them you cant restore.
    2009-08-05 09:48 PM
  11. 1hihum's Avatar
    Yeah, telling them about the mms won't be a problem, since I don't have it anyway I will call them tonight. Thanks for the info, and I'll post the results.
    2009-08-05 09:52 PM
  12. JustinPizzle's Avatar
    lol oh ya...

    and if mine stops working again, i will defiantly let everyone know my info was bogus

    (so far its holding to be legit though)
    If i helped you, clicking thanks would be nice
    2009-08-05 09:55 PM
  13. 1hihum's Avatar
    Hey I forgot to mension that I seem to run into this problem mainly after the phone has been off for a while.
    2009-08-05 10:42 PM
  14. JustinPizzle's Avatar
    i was getting it all the time. no matter what.

    and by off you mean powered down? or locked...

    and i hit a bump, it stopped working for like a minutes but then it worked again.
    so still going strong. might have just been a glitch.
    If i helped you, clicking thanks would be nice
    2009-08-05 11:19 PM
  15. 1hihum's Avatar
    Sorry, I mean when it's been on lock for a while. It hasn't happened again yet today. I want to make sure that it is happening when I call them, so I know it gets signal again while they are troubleshooting it. Thanks for posting the update too.
    2009-08-06 04:34 AM
  16. JustinPizzle's Avatar
    anything to help
    If i helped you, clicking thanks would be nice
    2009-08-06 06:31 AM
  17. A3gOwner's Avatar
    Ota(over the air) is the low level AT&T config they send to the phone. Actually if they resend ota's more than once in 24 hrs, on the 2nd(and so on) they also reset the vlr of the phone. This is based on what tier 2 tech has told me. So i'm guessing that this is probably what fixed it. I am not having any issue on 3.0 and 5.0 ipcc, so I don't kno what the issue is/was but I'm good now. Hopefully that sticks for you Justin. Good luck everyone else having issues still.
    2009-08-06 10:38 AM
  18. JustinPizzle's Avatar
    lol im glad you know so much more than i do

    i just posed everything she told me
    and ya, so far its all good for me
    Good luck everyone else having issues still.
    i second this
    If i helped you, clicking thanks would be nice
    2009-08-07 04:16 AM
  19. A3gOwner's Avatar
    It's not about who's smarter, as long as we help people. I'm a nerd at heart probably why I became a Linux/unix admin, I love a challenge and helping people. I know I come across as an a$$hole sometimes but no offence to anybody, especially you Justin.

    EDIT: on a side note AT&T is now giving customer care access to snooper. Which can be a good and bad thing.
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    2009-08-07 10:59 AM
  20. JustinPizzle's Avatar
    I love a challenge and helping people. I know I come across as an a$ sometimes but no offence to anybody, especially you Justin.
    ive always though you were very helpful actually.
    linux/unix admin huh? thats pretty cool..
    im only 16, i would actually kinda, wanna go corp. for apple.
    that would be like the coolest for me.

    just jailbroke, Data is still completely intact
    If i helped you, clicking thanks would be nice
    2009-08-07 08:18 PM
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