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    I am a Tmobile user and have an unlocked Iphone 3G I use. I want to get my hands on a 3GS more then anything. A friend of mine is considering opening up an account with AT&T. He has agreed to get the Iphone 3GS, give it to me for the price, and then use some older phone he has. How would this work? How long would he have to pay the data plan for the Iphone 3GS. Will they notice right away that hes not using the Iphone? Is he required to use the Iphone considering he's not cancelling his plan with AT&T. He is staying with AT&T for 2 years or whatever so should that be a problem?

    I just want to make sure the day he gets the iphone from AT&T and give it to me that he won't get penalized. I knew that if u got an iphone and opened a contract with them and then cancelled that was a big no no and you would get fined or have to give the Iphone back. How does it work if u open up the account, get an Iphone, and then use some older phone with no internet, and stay with AT&T. Any information you guys can give me will help! Thanks a lot!
    2009-08-04 12:35 AM
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    He will have to pay the first month and then call in and change the plan to what he wants. He needs to register the other phone to the account then he can do whatever. Have him tell them it broke, took a swim or something like that. He wontt have any problems just wait more than 30 days before changing plan.
    2009-08-04 02:12 AM
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    Really? Awesome! So this will work for sure? Open the plan, buy the iphone 3GS, pay the first month of it, then tell them I broke or lost it and want to use a phone without data, internet, etc and I am all set? Thanks!

    Also could he open the plan and then just give me the iphone and stick his sim card in the phone he already has? I would obviously reset the iphone and use it for tmobile... but when he walked out of there with the iphone he would never really use it so would they notice? I wasnt sure if he would have to use it for a month and then say he broke or lost it... if that was the case we probably wouldn't be able to do it.
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    2009-08-04 06:00 AM
    Yeah.. just tell them he's going to use his old phone because the iPhone is broken/lost and that he wants to remove the data plan.. it'll work.


    2009-08-04 06:15 AM
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    Okay so then theres no reason to wait the 30 days right? He can open the plan, a few days later say he lost his phone, possibly agree to pay the data plan for that month anyways and then just use an older phone and tell them he is not interested in the iphone anymore? Or would that not work? I just don't want to get him charged anything cause that would obviously be awful.
    2009-08-04 06:20 AM
    Yes.. that seems to be the process.

    Upgrade to the iPhone.. call a few days later and tell them you don't like the phone/it's lost/broken and you want to go back to your old phone and remove the data plan.


    2009-08-04 08:21 AM
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    Okay... I would prefer to tell them I just don't like the Iphone and am going to use an older AT&T phone I have. Will they just say okay, keep the iphone and we will remove the data plan? And its that easy? I am worried they will take the Iphone back if I just tell them I dont like it after a few days, but maybe not since you are sticking with them in the contract. Anyone else tried this or know any details? Thanks so much for your help!
    2009-08-04 08:23 AM
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    If you don't wait 30 days they might want the phone back. It's only $30 for the month, so just pay it for him. He is getting you a phone that without him you would pay $500+ for. Your going to need access to his sim when you restore/update firmware otherwise I don't think it'll activate. There might be a hacktivation for the 3gs but I haven't look that far into it. Do your homework before tho, if you don't already know you'll need jailbreak and unlock to use on tmoble. Plenty of help on here tho.
    2009-08-04 08:49 AM
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    Yeah I do not mind paying that 30 for the first month at all... what I was worried about is right when he gets the iphone he is giving it to me and using an old phone. Will they notice that? When he calls in a month later and says its lost will they say you have been using a different phone for almost a month and call us out on it?
    2009-08-04 06:36 PM
    He should stick his AT&T sim card in the iPhone and turn it on/use the data make a call then give it to you.. they won't care if he says it's lost and he wants to use his old phone even if it hasn't been used since it was bought.


    2009-08-04 08:34 PM
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    Okay so it sounds like I should just go for it and should be fine!
    2009-08-05 11:55 PM