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    I broke my iphone 3g, water damage and cracked screen. I have a squaretrade warranty so I should get $350 to buy a new one. I called at&t and they said it would cost $500 for a new 3g. Is there a way to extend my contract or something so I can pay around 400 for it? Also is there a way to upgrade to the 3gs? I am on a family plan that we started in January.

    Also would the contract have to be extended for the entire family or just me?

    Thanks for your help. Also don't put your iphone in your lap when your driving.
    2009-08-08 06:21 PM
  2. Raptors's Avatar
    The contract is family so the whole family contract has to be extended unless you cancel your plan. But try calling AT&T and talk to them!
    2009-08-08 08:14 PM
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    to be eligible for the 199 price for the 3GS (16gb)
    you have to be either 1) a new customer
    or 2) have had your contract unchanged for more than 18 months.
    unchanged meaning like, no upgrading phones.
    plans and rate plans can be changes.

    att says your eligible after 18 months after a subsidized phone

    cuz they dont want to sell the same person 2 subsidized phones.
    they want to sell them to the new customers or the people who are potentially going to renew their contracts
    like if you buy the 3GS your in it for another 2 years
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    2009-08-08 10:59 PM
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    Yeah I know I can't get the $200 deal, but can't I cancel my line for 200 and add a line for 200. I see people saying upgrade is 400 if your not new, but does this not work for a family plan? I guess I'll just have to go down there.
    2009-08-09 02:01 AM
  5. pokekid's Avatar
    dude each line is separate on the family plan and only yours has to be extended or upgraded early, not the whole family plan. to get the 199 an 299 price, you cannot upgrade through AT&T for around 18 months between upgrades. you can switch phones and the plan around and that won't affect your eligibility at all. i have switched my plan around many times and been able to upgrade on time with no problems. I would go on Wireless.Att.com to check how much the early upgrade is for you. I know the 3G dropped to like 299 or something close to that and the 3GS is sitting at 399 I believe. if anything go on craigslist and get a 3G for cheap and maybe pocket the extra if anything
    2009-08-09 05:11 AM
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    You can also see if maybe someone else on the family plan is upgradeable and can still there upgrade to get the discounted price.
    2009-08-09 07:21 PM
  7. pokekid's Avatar
    or just wait and get that sexy blackberry onyx that's coming out. just craigslist it and you'll be fine or try and get a refurb 3G and renew it
    2009-08-10 02:45 AM
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    yeah but blackberries suck lol

    yeah but blackberries suck lol
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    2009-08-10 03:27 AM