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    hi guys/ladies, this is the situation, over 2 years ago, i started a cingular(it wasn't changed to att until later on) family plan... well my mom did. I got a sony erisson w810i with unlimited texting and internet. A few months later, the iphone came out and my friend sold me his unlocked & jailbroken iphone 4gb for $250. 2 years passed and my mom renewed the contract!, everyone got new phones except me, i stayed with the iphone. Anyways, my iphone was stolen along with my bookbag and i'm back to using my w810i(dramatic change in life) so I was wondering if theres any way for me to get a brand new iphone? eligible for an upgrade or something similar without changing the contract or prolonging it while staying in the family plan contract? What are my options? Thanks in advance
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    2009-08-09 09:00 AM
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    Oh that sucks. If you're not 18 months into the contract you aren't eligible for an upgrade
    Sorry, best bet would be to buy one off the internet.
    the 3G's go for about $300 now.
    I always feel sorry for the guy in the iPhone commercials. He always gets a call right in the middle of trying to do something
    2009-08-09 09:09 AM
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    You would be upgradeable but you would have to sign a new 2 year contract and pay 10 dollars more a month for your data plan..... So if you did it today you would pay 100 for a 3g 8g, 199 for a 3gs 16g, or 299 for a 3gs 32g. But there is no way to not sign a new contract unless you buy a phone online and just upgraded you data.
    2009-08-09 06:20 PM
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    thanks for your responses angiepangie and westerman, i appreciate it. I'll try buying one on craigslist, the whole bidding thing on ebay is too competitive for me. If i get a iphone 3g online and insert my sim, is att going to upgrade my data plan without my consent?
    2009-08-10 01:57 AM
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    Yes it will show on the next bill cycle once you use the internet or plug it into itunes nad it will prompt you to upgrade your plan
    2009-08-10 02:06 AM