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    Lol. The truth is in the pudding. Read the legal terms when you sign your contract. Everything is listed there.
    Android user suffering from iPhone withdraw.
    2009-09-15 04:48 AM
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    Does anyone have the APN setting for Visual Voicemail? i have read in google some say wap.cingular some say acds.voicemail
    none give a fa sure setting and no username or password
    my MMS works fine and my internet is working fine just no VVM
    any help would be welcomed
    change the apn settings to acds.voice, then press network

    then go back in and change it back to acds.voicemail.


    Lol. The truth is in the pudding. Read the legal terms when you sign your contract. Everything is listed there.
    No one cares about the contract. If you did, you wouldn't be here.
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    2009-09-20 02:04 AM
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    Except for the fact that I pay for the cost of owning an iPhone on AT&T and pay for my additional features. Everyone always tries to go the cheap route. Cheap is expensive and sooner or later you always learn that.
    Android user suffering from iPhone withdraw.
    2009-09-20 04:02 PM
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    still looking for a fix for this.. im having the same problem. im on 3.01 with a 3gs. uploaded the ipcc file to get the mms working and it works but it disabled my visual voicemail. i changed the visual voicemail setting to adcs then i lose my tethering. i redid the tethering and then i lose visual voicemail. i would like to have both.. i dont want to keep calling to my voicemail on a regular basis to see if i have any messages.
    2009-09-28 06:04 PM
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    try this new ipcc file for a change. it enables mms, tether, visual voicemail, and cellular data field.

    ATT_US.ipcc version 5.5 rev 1
    2009-09-28 06:59 PM
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    BONDKT's suggestion actually worked for me the 1st time I tried it.
    I tried everything I could read over the last 2 days, about ready to give up, until I tried this.

    Im running a 3G, 3.01 FW with Tethering and MMS enabled. Visual Voicemail just kicked in - amen

    Thanks BONDKT!
    2009-10-07 06:31 AM
  7. bondkt's Avatar
    2009-10-07 06:39 AM
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    Thanks bondkt - didnt even realize my VM wasnt working till I got trouble at work... your method worked!!!
    2009-10-23 12:53 AM
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    "Call me stupid" --- How do you "change the apn settings to acds.voice, then press network then go back in and change it back to acds.voicemail"?
    (I'm on a 3G w/ 3.12 JB w/ Black Ra1n)


    This fixed it for me !!!
    3.1 Tethering & Visual Voicemail: Fixing the BenM MobileConfig File : App Advice
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    2009-12-02 05:41 AM
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    its annoying that data packages are required, but its done for a reason, everyone does it, att, sprint, verizon, the systems go through and will see that a smart phone (such as iphone) is being used, and put on the data package that is required, the reason? because theres too many bills that are over thousands of dollars because people decide to use an Iphone or BB and it didnt have the correct package. its actually done to avoid that. And even when activating any of these phones, you need to accept terms and cond by pressing one and yada yada, the automated voice even says when buying an apple iphone you are agreeing to an apple iphone data package. -shrugs- its no different from the internet that you run through at home on your computer (even now we hook our computers to our Phones themselves) home internet is over 30, why should your smart computer phone be any different?
    2009-12-05 08:53 AM
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    I love the way the sheeple like gQstatus05 and l00i3 bring the lulz, using terms like "contracts" and "required plans". Right now I'm running a $30 unlimited data plan only on my 3G iphone, post-paid, with no contract. No contract as in "never signed a contract".

    People just end up in bad contracts because they allow corporations to screw them repeatedly. Stand up for yourselves. Don't be afraid to circumvent the system.

    And to all the sheeple that continuously bleat about "contracts" and "requirements", stop. You're annoying and nobody thinks that you're particularly insightful or cool. Plus, you broke your "agreement" when you hacked your phone, hypocrites.
    2009-12-12 12:09 AM
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